is an online retail company that has its headquarters in the USA. Amazon by market capitalization is the biggest online retailer across the globe. But if you are looking from the angle of revenues, amazon is the 3rd largest in the world. These positions are held as a result of its businesses which it has scattered everywhere.

Amazon.Com – Best Online Shopping Platform |

Amejon com didn’t just become the tech giant it is over night. It had a humble beginning starting as online shop for buying books. As time went on, amazon decided to delve into other business like selling electronics, DVDs, audio books and more.

To get to the official amazon website all you must is enter the following URL into your browser. This will take you to the official amazon site where you can find whatever you need. Amazon has different website for each country and in different languages. The amazon site you get to see depends on your location. Menu

For anyone to be able to access amazon menu, you first must visit the official site. Once you’re at homepage which is filled with a lot of info. This allows you to see everything amazon has to offer. Amazon has two menus and the first one is located at the top of the site. Here you are a click away of find want you want.

The first amazon menu contains your browsing history. Your browsing is stored in this amazon site page. So, if for whatever reason you need to get back to an item you have looked at, just click on the browsing history. You also have amazon’s deal of the day. To get here, click on today’s deal which is on menu. Amazon menu also has gift cards, registry sell and help. Department Menu

This is the second menu we talked about earlier. Amazon has offers various services and products which are quite much to put on one page. Amazon department menu helps you reach each service and product amazon has to sell.

On department menu, you have access to amazon videos. Amazon videos contains the latest videos, tv shows and amazon original films. You also get access amazon music. Here you can download any genre of music, so you can listen while your offline at anywhere. Amazon apps and games for android has apps you can download and install on your android device.

Apart from the above listed amazon department menu content, there are more services and products which amazon provides. There are also amazon home and tools, health and beauty and even electronics. So, no matter what it is your looking for, you will actually find on Account

amazon com account allows customers to register for your account. Having your own account provides you with benefits that most ordinary customers don’t have. You are able to track your order and manage your subscriptions and Amazon gift card.

As a seller, amazon com account lets you have better control of your business. You have various chances to boost your sales when you have an amazon account. amazon com account helps your product reach a large number of people.

Amazon Order

When you buy products or services on you can track the progress of your order. To track the progress of your order you need to click on amazon order. This can be found on the left-hand corner of amazon website homepage. You get to view the shipping information of your purchases. Cart

Amazon cart is a useful tool which helps you keep track of the number of items purchased on if you wish to buy more than one products, you can add them to cart and continue shopping. Adding your items to cart allows you to focus on order items on your list.