AirTag – Track Your Lost Belongings | Apple AirTag

Have you heard about a tracking device developed by Apple which is the size of a coin? AirTag is a tracking device that is the size of a coin that shows the location of your missing item on your iPhone. This Apple tracking device can be attached to your keys, kept in your backpack, and much more. It can also show the traveling of anybody else AirTag that finds its way into your stuff. You can keep track of your missing items of yourself and your families after you set it up. It also helps you find a network to help you locate lost items.

AirTag - Track Your Lost Belongings | Apple AirTag

Furthermore, AirTag includes an NFC, which is very useful for both when you want to pair any device initially. And for pulling up a URL which is for Smartphone or tablet that has an NFC reader. The tracking has a glossy front that can be customized with a silver backing and engraving. Also, it can be connected to your Bluetooth low energy, ultra-wideband through U1 chip and near field communication and was released on the 30th of April 2021 which is about eight months since it was released. The AirTag is 31.9 in diameter and of thickness 8mm.

Apple AirTag Price

Actually, a single AirTag is calculated to be $29 and the packing of four Airtags can be purchased at the price of $99.  However, you can get the Apple Air Tag from apple directly but does not include the accessories you will be attaching the Air Tag to like your keys, backpacks, and so on.

What is AirTag Used for?

The Apple AirTag is used to track your lost personal item which shows how the items are traveling on your iPhone. The Apple Air Tag can be attached to your backpacks, purses, keys, and all other items. When you want to find your item it can be traced through your find network or find my app.

Belkin AirTag

The Belkin AirTag is a secure AirTag holder or AirTag accessories you can attach to your AirTag.  The Belkin has an innovative twist and locks design with raised edges to keep your AirTag secured and it is four different colors. With the secure keyring, you can track your lost items effortlessly and confidently. The Belkin AirTag is very affordable and does not have any kind of hole or attachment.

Hermes AirTag

The Hermes is a handcrafted leather language in swift calfskin that can be attached to your bag, language, and backpack and you can easily find with the find my application on our iPhone or iPad whether it is on the other side of the world or at hand.

How Far Does the AirTag work?

Actually, the range of the meter at which the AirTags can work has not been started yet. But the maximum range that it works now is around 100 meters. So if the AirTag is within the range of 100 meters it can be very traceable to that distance. The need for more experimentation will still be done so as to find out about the specific range at which the AirTag can work.