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Car insurance is mandatory for every car owner, especially if you own a fleet of cars. The good thing about insuring your car is that you will be relieved of the cost of fixing it if there is any damage. Admiral Car Insurance is one of those car insurance companies you can trust. It has existed for some time, but it is not as old as some other insurers. This car insurance company was founded in 1993, and ever since then, it has been offering top-notch car insurance services to auto owners.

Admiral Car Insurance - Get A Quote Online

In addition, if you are looking for the biggest car insurance provider in the UK, then you should go with Admiral. They have expanded so much in their car insurance business and have even added home, pet, travel, and van insurance to their list of insurance services. Admiral Car Insurance is known for offering third-party, fire, theft, and comprehensive car insurance policies.

What is Admiral Car Insurance?

This is a famous car insurance company that offers excellent car insurance policies to car owners. They have a fully comprehensive car insurance policy that includes a range of benefits, such as driving in Europe and personal injury coverage. Cover for car stereos and personal belongings, driving in Europe, courtesy car cover, etc. Also, customers are allowed to upgrade their policy for an additional cost. They can include breakdown cover, hire cover, key cover, and legal protection.

How much does Admiral Car Insurance cost?

The cost of Admiral Auto insurance depends on where you live, your age, and the car you drive. But the average UK annual cost for this insurance is £807.92 for petrol and diesel vehicles and £963.57 for electric vehicles. Also, car owners are given a discount if they attain a high no-claim bonus.

Features of Admiral Car Insurance

Getting your car insured by Admiral is a great choice. And if you are thinking of insuring your car, you need to know its features.

  • They have specialist cover for electric vehicles.
  • They provide your car insurance with optional extras, including breakdown cover and no-claims bonus protection.
  • A choice between comprehensive, third-party, fire and theft, and third-party car insurance
  • 5 star Defaqto-rated comprehensive policies excluding essential cover
  • They offer windscreen cover and uninsured driver promise, including a 24-hour emergency helpline as standard with some comprehensive policies.

And finally, they offer discounts for multiple vehicles or if you choose to insure your car and your home.

Why Should I Consider Admiral?

You should consider Admiral Insurance because its policies are rated five stars by Defaqto. Aside from that, it offers multi-car insurance policies and electric car insurance policies as well.

What Car Insurance Coverage is offered by Admiral?

Admiral has several main products that it offers aside from the fact that it has a wide range of car insurance policies. If you want to know about the car insurance offered by Admiral, take a look at the list below.

Third-party, Fire, and Theft

Admiral third-party fire and theft insurance has to do with everything covered by third-party-only insurance. It includes theft, fire damage, replacement lock cover, aftermarket stereo cover, courtesy car cover, European car cover, etc. However, you can also add on roadside breakdown cover, windscreen cover, and motor legal protection cover.


Another insurance cover that is offered by Admiral is third-party car insurance. This is not just the most basic policy that Admiral provides; it is also the legal minimum cover that you need if you want to drive in the UK. However, third-party car insurance includes a 24-hour emergency helpline, third-party coverage, and the ability to drive other cars. If you are including motor legal protection, replacing the windshield cover, roadside breakdown cover, and repair, then it comes with an extra cost.

Admiral Platinum

Next on this list is Admiral Platinum. With this, you will be able to get everything Admiral Gold offers. You will also get roadside breakdown cover as standard.

Admiral Gold

Everything found in the Admiral plan is included in Admiral Gold. You will get onward travel, £300 personal belongings cover, and motor legal protection. However, you can add a roadside breakdown cover as an optional extra.

Admiral Essential

This is the most basic level of the insurer’s comprehensive cover policies, and it covers fire damage, courtesy car cover, damage to your own vehicle, theft, third-party damages, £5,000 personal injury cover, child car seat cover, replacement lock cove, and a 24-hour emergency helpline.

How To Claim with Admiral Car Insurance

It is easy to claim with Admiral Auto Insurance. But if you are finding it difficult to do so, just follow the steps below.

  • First, you have to ensure you and any other parties involved in the accident are unhurt.
  • After the accident, contact the Admiral as soon as you can. You can claim the phone or online.
  • Confirm if you are making a claim or not, and then also confirm the kind of claim you want to make.
  • After that, the admiral will arrange the necessary things that need to be done for your claim.

If you were involved in an accident, the other driver will be contacted.


How do I cancel Admiral Car Insurance?

Do you want to cancel your Admiral Car insurance quote? No problem. You can cancel it by contacting Admiral over the phone, by email, or with their live chat service. Note: You have to pay a fee when canceling your Admiral Car cover.

How do I make changes to Admiral Car Insurance?

If you need to make some changes, like altering your name or address, you will have to pay a fee. The fee is £13 if you are doing it online and £26 if you are doing it over the phone.

Can I pay for Admiral Car insurance in installments?

Not all policies will allow you to pay in monthly installments. However, you can confirm with the Admirals sales team to check if the monthly installments apply to you.

Does Admiral Car Insurance cover imported cars?

If your car is registered in the UK, then yes, Admiral Auto Insurance will insure your car. But if you purchase your car outside of the UK and wish to drive it in the UK, then you will have to arrange for insurance in the county where the car was purchased.