7 Canva Alternatives in 2023

Are you searching for the best alternatives to Canva? Guess what? I have the best suggestion for you. In this review, we will be outlining and discussing the 7 best Canva alternatives in 2023. In the meantime, Canva is one of the most preferred design platforms, with over a million users globally. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, a wide range of templates, and simple design tools. However, there are many other platforms that offer similar or even better features than Canva. Some of the best alternatives to Canva include Mega Creator, Adobe Spark, PicMonkey, Pixstudio, and more.

7 Canva Alternatives in 2023

These aforementioned websites, just like Canva, provide you with a simple user interface, extensive templates, flexible functions, and much more. You can use these platforms to create, share, and print your business cards, logos, presentations, and more online and through your mobile device. However, there are so many alternatives to choose from that it is important that you consider searching for the best ones to opt for. But not to worry, just like I previously mentioned, we’ve compiled the best Canva alternatives to make use of. Check out the next outline below for our top selection.

7 Canva Alternatives in 2023

After carefully done research, we’ve outlined the 7 best Canva alternatives for 2023. Based on our selections, the 7 best alternatives to check out are Mega Creator, Adobe Spark, PicMonkey, Pixstudio, Design Wizard, Easil, and Figma.

1 Adobe Spark

One of the best design tools that provide you with a wide range of templates for creating social media posts, flyers, logos, and stunning presentations is Adobe Spark. This app allows you to use their tools to create designs that look professional. It has a simple, user-friendly interface and an extensive library of templates.

On the site, you can animate text and graphics to create eye-catching designs. Also, they provide you with the opportunity of personalizing your design with their images, fronts, and colors through a wide range of customization. In addition, users can invite others to either edit or collaborate on their designs. And they should also share their designs with others for feedback. If you would like to improve your design abilities and also create social media posts, marketing materials, and more, this is the best tool to make use of.

2 PicMonkey

Another excellent tool to make use of is PicMonkey. This tool offers users simple and stunning templates with editing features. Users are provided with a wide range of editing and manipulating tools. Some of these tools include cropping, resizing, color correction, and more.

Also, there are filters, overlays, and effect tools on the site that can be used to enhance images and incorporate innovative elements into designs. Users can also make use of this tool to create professional and stunning images for their brands and businesses. You will find different templates for social media graphics, cards, and posters. Although the templates available on PicMonkey cannot be compared to those of Canva, they are good enough for your basic and simple designs.

3 Pixstudio

Meanwhile, Pixstudio is one of the best graphic design tools for small business owners. This tool provides you with a simple drag-and-drop design tool that empowers professional and non-professional designers. You can use this tool to learn how to create designs from scratch.

On this website, you will find a wide range of templates for your business logo, business card, Instagram post, and more. The best part is that you can use this tool for free, but the free plan is limited. To use their advanced tools and features, you will have to sign up for a premium plan. Their premium plan starts at $9.

4 Design Wizard

Another alternative to Canva you need to check out today is Design Wizard. This tool has a huge library of templates created to enable you to make posters, flyers, graphics for social media, etc. In addition, the app offers you access to a wide range of visual elements that can be used for all your designs. It has more than a million images, graphics, and illustrations.

Also, the app is notable for its extensive and easy-to-use features. Unlike other platforms, Design Wizard is easy to use, and the drag-and-drop interface makes it simple to add your text and images to templates. This is an ideal platform for novices who would like to learn graphic design from scratch.

5 Mega Creator

Another excellent alternative to Canva is Mega Creator. This website offers more than 100,000 cutouts created from photos and over 1,500 photographic backgrounds to choose from. On this site, you will find different templates that can be used to create a personalized image. In addition, you will find templates for your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media account. You can use this platform for free, but the images will be watermarked.

However, if you need to use the image from the site without a watermark, you can sign up for their premium plan. Mega Creator’s premium plan costs $9 per month and $89 per year, with up to 99 assets per month to use in Mega Creator. You can try their 3-day free trial before deciding whether or not to purchase the premium plan.

6 Easil

If you need a tool to create social media graphics, marketing materials, and other visual content, one of the best graphic design tools to make use of is Easil. This tool has more than 10,000 templates and a million images to select from. Also, it provides its users with a drag-and-drop interface, making it easier to navigate your way around the site.

They also offer numerous design tools, such as text editing, image cropping, and layout options, to help you develop your design. It is a powerful tool with an extensive library of templates to aid your customization. You can use this tool to create professional designs for your business, social media accounts, and more.

7 Figma

If you need a collaborative design platform that can be accessed on your mobile or web device, then you need to opt for Figma. This tool is designed to enable you to create your own business card, logo, etc. It has a simple interface with interactive elements that are focused on creating static designs. On this app, members can create and prototype designs in real time and also receive feedback on their designs.

On the site, you get access to numerous tools for your design, such as grids, layer styles, vector editing, and more. You can invite your team members to edit or comment on your designs and also share them with others. Figma also provides you with a variety of integrations and plugins that enable you to use the site with ease. Thus, Figma is a powerful tool for teamwork and design in real time.