7 Best Food Truck Rental in South Africa

Best Food Truck Rental in South Africa – The food truck business is a growing business in the food industry, especially in South Africa. People are finding convenient ways to get meals without the need to book a reservation at a restaurant.

If you are an entrepreneur looking to start this mobile food business, then you have your work cut out for you. A major part of this business is renting a food truck to get your business on the road.

7 Best Food Truck Rental in South Africa

Luckily, in South Africa, there are food truck rentals that you can work with to start your business. In this article, we will be outlining some of the best food truck rentals in South Africa to make use of.

Types of Rental Trucks For Food Businesses

To start a food truck business, it would be insightful to know what kind of trucks might be best for business. There are lots of different trucks that you can select from. Moreover, the truck you select depends on your needs and budget as well.

Traditional Food Truck

A traditional food truck can often be recognized for its vibrant designs and brilliant colors. Additionally, it has a big space that can take kitchen equipment in and is also strong enough to be on the road. Furthermore, these types of trucks are easily maneuverable through the crowd and can park in various places to do business.

Cargo Vans

A cargo van is another great choice of food truck for your mobile business. The vans are larger and more flexible than pickup trucks. They also have a larger storage capacity, which allows for more volume with food ideas and more. This is a great idea for a food truck you can rent.

Pickup Trucks

Pickup trucks are also great food trucks that you can rent in South Africa. They are increasingly popular in the country and are suited to be more economical for food storage and preparation. While they do not measure up to traditional food trucks, they are also great options to consider.


If you know that you are operating a food business that requires staffing along with a large menu, then trailers are reliable options to rent for your food business. While they are more expensive because of their size, they offer you massive room to run your large food business even more effectively. Also, a food truck of this size can carry large kitchen equipment like coolers, fridges, fryers, stoves, etc.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Truck In South Africa?

When it comes to renting a food truck in South Africa, there are varying factors that one must consider. Well, certainly, it depends on the hiring price the company states.

However, factors like the size of the truck, the distance you want to travel, the rental period, etc. are all considered in the hiring price of a food truck. Working with companies that offer great deals and prices is a great way to know the cost of renting a food truck.

How To Find the Best Deal on Food Truck Rental

If you are looking to get the best deals on renting a food truck, one of the primary things to consider is comparing prices from different companies.

Furthermore, it will do you good to get in touch with companies by searching online and contacting them from their official websites. Additionally, you can proceed to ask questions, like if there are any special offers or discounts available. As long as you deal with the right hands, you can get the right prices and deals on renting a food truck.

What to Consider When Choosing a Food Truck Rental in South Africa

Before you finally settle down on your decision on the food truck company you want, there are certain things you might also want to take into consideration. Here are some informative tips you should know:

Firstly, ensure the company you are working with offers the proper type of truck you need. For food trucks, deal with the most spacious space you can get.

Secondly, ensure the company offers good and competitive prices. This is why it is stated that you first compare different quotes from different companies to decide which one you will work with.

Furthermore, ensure that the company you decide on has excellent customer service as well as a good reputation. Reading through their online reviews should give you some idea of how their services work and how they operate.

You should also strive to get into a good working relationship with the rental company, as this could provide you with good deals later on. Also, before renting a food truck in South Africa, be sure to inquire about insurance, permits, and any additional services offered by these companies.

Finally, it’s also essential to consider the location, target audience, and menu when choosing the right food truck for your business or event.

7 Best Food Truck Rental in South Africa

In this section of the article, we have outlined some of the food truck rentals in South Africa that you can make use of. Check out the list below:

1 Mobile Kitchen Rentals:

One of the most popular food truck rentals in South Africa is Mobile Kitchen Rentals. This is a well-established company in South Africa that specializes in food truck rentals.

They offer a variety of food trucks equipped with commercial-grade kitchen equipment. Whether you need a truck for a special event, a festival, or a long-term rental, they have options to suit your needs.

2 Food Truck Co.

Another reputable food truck rental company based in Cape Town is Food Truck Co. This company provides fully-equipped food trucks for rent, along with branding and customization options. Their fleet includes a range of sizes and styles to accommodate different cuisines and culinary concepts.

3 Rent a Food Truck:

Rent a Food Truck is a Johannesburg-based company that offers food truck rentals and conversions. In addition, they have a selection of trucks available for rent and can also assist in customizing the truck to your specifications. Their experienced team can help you bring your food truck business vision to life.

4 Food Truck Solutions:

Food Truck Solutions is a Durban-based food truck rental and manufacturing company. They not only provide food truck rentals but also design and build custom food trucks. Whether you’re looking for a short-term rental or a long-term partnership, they have flexible options.

5 The Street Food Co.

This company operates in Gauteng and offers food truck rentals for various events and occasions. They have a range of stylish and well-equipped food trucks available, making them an excellent choice for those seeking a professional and attractive mobile catering solution.

6 Rolling Kitchens:

This company is a nationwide food truck rental provider with a presence in multiple South African cities. They offer food trucks of various sizes and layouts, suitable for different types of cuisine. Their rentals often include maintenance and support to keep your truck running smoothly.

7 The Food Truck Club:

The Food Truck Club is a food truck community that connects food truck owners with potential renters and event organizers. In addition, they have a directory of food truck vendors from various regions in South Africa, making it easier for you to find the right truck for your needs.


If you are still searching for the best food truck rental provider in South Africa, then you need to check out the above-listed companies. These reputable rental providers can help you get started on your food truck journey in South Africa.