27 Happy New Month Prayer For Twins In December 2022

Do you have twins or do you wish to send good wishes to other people’s twins? Then you are doing a good thing because a new month is coming and you want things to go well and be nice for everyone. So, this made me want to make things easy for you and I want to share with you 27 Happy New Month Prayer For Twins In December 2022. Frankly speaking, twins are known to be blessings in some parts of the world and they are known to bring blessings to people as well. So, with these new month prayers, you can also send your best wishes to these twins as well.

27 Happy New Month Prayer For Twins In December 2022

27 Happy New Month Prayer For Twins In December 2022

These are 27 Happy New Month Prayer For Twins In December 2022. Read through them and give these lovely babies your prayers:

  1. Anointing of God.
  2. Heart Desires.
  3. Long life.
  4. God’s Direction.
  5. Prayer for Open Doors.
  6. Prayer against Disagreement.
  7. Miracles.
  8. Prayer of Progress.
  9. Prayer against Stagnancy.
  10. Pray for Jubilation.
  11. Prayer of Prosperity.
  12. Sound Mind.
  13. Strength from God.
  14. God’s Mercy.
  15. Happiness.
  16. Prayer of Favor.
  17. Ask for the Strength to Overcome Trials.
  18. Prayer against Sorrow.
  19. God’s Glory.
  20. God’s Protection.
  21. Pray against Negative Thoughts.
  22. Prayer against Bad Influence.
  23. Pray That They Succeed In Every Area of their Lives.
  24. Blessing.
  25. Prayer of Breakthrough.
  26. Promotion.
  27. Fulfillment.

Anointing of God

The anointing of God is very important in our lives and our kids are no exception. Furthermore, it is a good prayer for your twins in December 2022. So, as you venture into the new month, asking God for his anointing is not a bad idea.

Heart Desires

Another happy new month prayer for twins in December 2022 is to ask God to grant them their heart desires. By praying this prayer with faith, you can be sure that your twins will be happy.

Long Life

Long life is a very important prayer point in the lives of everyone. Praying for long life for your twins in December 2022 is a good idea. God will definitely answer your prayers.

God’s Direction

We need God’s direction in our lives. Moreover, you also need to ask for God’s direction in the lives of twins as well. It is also a good way to begin the new month. Now, you can put your mind at ease because God has answered your prayers.

Prayer for Open Doors

Prayer for open doors is a good happy new month prayer for twins in December 2022. Have faith and you will begin to see new and amazing things manifesting in your life.

Prayer Against Disagreement

This is another prayer point that you should not take for granted. Disagreement and conflict in families is not a good thing. So, you should pray against factors that may cause it.


Who does not love miracles in their lives?  Everyone wants to see God’s presence and handwork in their lives. Moreover, God is always there for you all the time and he is ready to answer your prayers as well.

Prayer of Progress

Prayer of Progress is another happy new month prayer in December 2022 that you can give to your twins.

Prayer Against Stagnancy

Progression is a very important thing in every man’s life. We all want to move forward. However, our enemies try to hold us back and prevent us from doing so. But with a prayer against stagnancy, you are asking God to intervene.

Pray for Jubilation

This is another good prayer that you can pray for your male and female twins in December 2022 and you can also pray it at the beginning of a new month.

Prayer of Prosperity

You need to wish and give your children including your twins the prayer of prosperity. I am sure that everyone wants their kids to be prosperous so this is your chance to lay your hands on their heads and pray for them.

Sound Mind

You need to ask God to keep the minds of your male and female twins sound. So, let this be part of your new month’s prayer for them.

Strength from God

We all need the strength of God in our lives. What’s more, even our kids need the strength of God as well. So, you can include this to your list of happy new month prayers in December 2022

God’s Mercy

One of the best prayer points that you need to ask for from God is his mercy. Moreover, I am sure that you are aware that his mercy is sufficient for us and your twins as well.


We all want our children and families as well to be happy. So, if you want to ask God for something this new month, ask that God should give them the happiness they deserve.

Prayer of Favor

You can also ask for God’s favor to prevail in the lives of your Twins in the new month. As a parent, you are assigned to do this for them.

Ask for the Strength to Overcome Trials

Sometimes, things can get really hard for us to handle. Furthermore, as our kids grow there are some things that they encounter that they may not want to share with you. So, ask God to give them the strength to overcome trials. Now, they can be stronger than ever when these problems arise.

Prayer Against Sorrow

I am very sure that you do not want your children to be sad and your twins are no exception. Prayer against sorrow should be one of the prayers you give them in this new month in December 2022.

God’s Glory

The Glory of God is one thing we all need in our lives. So, go ahead or take the initiative to ask God to bestow it upon your twins.

God’s Protection

I am aware that you want your kids to be safe but if you do not ask God, he will not hear you. So, you need to ask him because he said and I quote “ Ask and it shall be given unto you”. Now, ask for his protection over your twins and children.

Pray Against Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts somehow manage to creep into our minds sometimes. What’s more, these thoughts also push us to do things that are not right in the way and eye of the lord. Now, I advise that you pray against negative thoughts.

Prayer Against Bad Influence

Prayer against bad influence is another thing that you need to ask and pray against in the lives of your twins. So, ask God to protect them from other people that will make them do things that they are not supposed to do.

Pray That They Succeed In Every Area of their Lives

Parents always pray for the success of their children. So, let this be among the 27 happy new month prayers that you have prepared for your twins in December 2022.


God’s blessing is another thing that is very important and necessary in the lives of everyone and little children are no different.

Prayer of Breakthrough

This is another important prayer point that needs to be said and prophesied in the lives of our little ones. It is very important and a good way to start is to say it when it is a new month.

27 Happy New Month Prayer – Promotion

Pray for promotion for your twins and God will not and never disappoint you. Even if your faith is as small as a mustard seed, God will still surprise you.


If you have a long list of prayers that you need to say to your twins, another one is the prayer of fulfillment. So, ask God to keep and them and let them fulfill their purpose on earth.