23 Hot Business Ideas in Nigeria

23 Hot Business Ideas in Nigeria – A lot of Nigerians are searching for businesses that can bring in profits for them. If you’re on the list, then this article is for you. In this article, we will outline 23 hot business ideas in Nigeria that you can start.

23 Hot Business Ideas in Nigeria

We understand that searching for the right business to start, especially in a country like Nigeria, can be daunting and time-consuming. Thus, to make your journey hassle-free, we have compiled the best and hottest business ideas in Nigeria that can earn you a profit of 10,000k daily and above. Read on to discover these business ideas.

Why Should I Start a Business in Nigeria?

Beginning a business in Nigeria is a great opportunity for whoever does it. Furthermore, no matter the type or nature of the business, it will be profitable. But just as long as you put in the time, effort, and hard work, you will be able to run your business and earn a profit.

In addition, the population of Nigeria is a good reason to begin a business in the country. This means that, out of more than 200 million people, there are potential clients who are interested in your services or products.

Secondly, you get to achieve your dreams of becoming an entrepreneur in Nigeria. In addition, due to the large market potential, you can market your goods and services to residents of the country. Lastly, you get to enjoy financial freedom.

23 Hot Business Ideas in Nigeria

Tired of working for someone and sick of earning money at the end of the month? Here are 23 hot business ideas in Nigeria that you can try out:

  1. Online Fashion Boutique
  2. Dropshipping.
  3. Virtual Event Planner
  4. Print on demand.
  5. Child Care.
  6. Creating and selling online courses
  7. Beauty Business.
  8. Selling your photography.
  9. Social media management consulting services
  10. Phone Accessories.
  11. Test app development.
  12. Housesitting and pet sitting
  13. Affiliate Marketing.
  14. Poultry Farming.
  15. Launch your book.
  16. Sew specialized uniforms.
  17. Web development services
  18. Daycare Center.
  19. Transport Business.
  20. Copywriting Business.
  21. Loan Office Business
  22. Pure Water Business
  23. Catering Services.

Online Fashion Boutique

Everything can now be done online, and shopping is not an exception. So, if you are a fan of fashion, you can go ahead and open an online fashion boutique. This type of business is very profitable, and anyone can check out your products at the convenience of their homes.


Dropshipping is one of the hottest business ideas in Nigeria. Additionally, starting this type of business is very simple and low-cost. So, a third-party supplier can send inventory to your clients on your behalf.

Virtual Event Planner

Did you know that being a virtual event planner can be a good thing in Nigeria? Furthermore, you can run your business online as you connect with your customers and help them organize events any time they require your services. Moreso, you will be in charge of educational sessions for companies as well as networking opportunities.

Print on Demand

If you are quite creative and artistic, this type of business will be profitable for you. Furthermore, if you begin to have customers, you can dropship their items and get paid for your product as well as your services.

Child Care

Childcare is another hot business idea in Nigeria, and giving childcare services will be a good opportunity for you. So, if you have the skills to take care of children, then you can open a business with your licenses.

Creating and Selling Online Courses

Creating and selling online courses is another way to make money in Nigeria. What’s more, you get to become an entrepreneur and reach your self-employed goal. You also get to make money as you sell your courses online.

Beauty Business

Starting a beauty business is another hot business idea to try out in Nigeria. If you can help clients with the best personal care products that will work for them or if you have beauty technology, you can start your own business and make money.

Selling Your Photography

Do you love taking pictures? Then this is the chance for you to turn your hobby and skills into money. In other words, you can take pictures and sell them online. What’s more, you can set up a store and start making money.

Social Media Management Consulting Services

This is one of the best business ideas in Nigeria. So, as a social media manager or consultant, you can help other businesses promote and create a name for their business online. What’s more, you can also share some helpful tips on what to do when using social media to promote their businesses and get paid for their services.

Phone Accessories

A lot of people own mobile phones, and a lot of people are searching for the best places to purchase the best quality phone accessories. So, if you have a plug where you can purchase and sell these items, you will surely make money. For instance, you can sell portable chargers, phone cases, tripods, Bluetooth speakers, headphones, earbuds, and many more.

Test App Development

If you have the skills to create an app, then you can test app development. However, it is not easy because some of these app tests fail. But if you are still interested in opening a business based on this niche, then go ahead.

Housesitting and Pet sitting

There is a high demand for house sitters and pet sitters in Nigeria. So, if you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, you can start your own house and pet-sitting business. Apart from all of this, a lot of people travel, and they are looking for people who will take care of their kids or pets while they are gone.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best and hottest business ideas to try out in Nigeria. So, as an affiliate marketer, you get to help companies promote and sell their products and earn money in return. What’s more, this form of marketing can be performed on social media accounts, communities, websites, or blogs.

Poultry Farming

This is another very profitable business you can start in Nigeria. Though it may not sound like much, it is a good catch. Moreover, the demand for poultry products, such as turkey, chicken, and eggs, is very high.

Launch Your Book

Books are another product that earns people money in Nigeria. So, if you can write a book, maybe a novel or motivational book, then it is high time you put those abilities to use. Write and launch your book, and start making money.

Sew Specialized Uniforms

Lots of people open schools in Nigeria these days, and sewing uniforms for these schools is a big opportunity. What’s more, you can open this business and use it as your side hustle. So, you can get a connection from any area or location and work on it.

Web Development Services

If you are looking for a business that you can start online, web development services are not a bad idea. Besides, the technology market is growing, and you can provide web development services from your home while taking coding and web design courses online.

Daycare Center

Daycares are in high demand, and this is the perfect opportunity to start your business. Furthermore, there are a lot of business parents with kids, and they need reliable play to key their kids. So, you can start a daycare business in Nigeria.

Transport Business

This is a very profitable business idea if you are looking to start a business in Nigeria. You can choose to transport products or people. It is up to you to select what type of service you will be offering. Therefore, if you want to offer delivery services, there will be a lot of people who are interested in using your services.

Copywriting Business

There is a high demand for copywriters in Nigeria, and you can open your own copywriting business and start earning money. But if you want to start this business, you need to make sure that you are sure about what the customer wants and that you have good writing skills.

Loan Office Business

Just like microfinance institutions that offer loans to people, you can open a loan office business. Furthermore, the more money you give out, the more money you make. Moreover, if you are interested in making your own business stand out, you can offer affordable interest rates and amazing services to borrowers.

Pure Water Business

This is one of the best and hottest business ideas in Nigeria. Moreover, a lot of Nigerians care about clean and hygienic water for drinking. So, if you can give them what they want, you can be able to get customers from different parts of the country. Besides, starting this type of business is not expensive.

Catering Services

If you love cooking, then you should start a catering business in Nigeria. Furthermore, it is the perfect small-scale business that allows you to work remotely. It is also very lucrative, and you do not need a large amount of money to start this type of business.


In conclusion, starting a business in Nigeria is one of the easiest ways to start making money. To help you in this journey, we have outlined above 25 hot business ideas Nigeria should consider trying. What are you waiting for?