2022 Chinese New Year – What You Need to Know About the Year of the Tiger

Are you aware of the lunar calendar? Among many other countries that celebrated the New Year calendar on the first of January, it might be a little bit surprising to find that China is by to celebrate their own new year, or should I say they are yet to have their new year yet. Yeah! It’s called the lunar calendar, this calendar is being used by the Chinese and some other Asian countries. On the 1st of February 2022, China would be stepping into 2022 officially to celebrate the Chinese New year. The Chinese New Year which is also referred to as the lunar year starts with the uprising of the second new moon immediately after the winter solstice.

This usually happens every 21 December. This could also occur on any date between 21 January and also 20 February. The New Year is believed to usher in good lucks and prosperity while the old year is bid a bye with its ill lucks. During this festive period, the Chinese get to celebrate with one another. They organize a series of outdoor spectacles which includes fireworks, firecrackers, dancing dragons, and family banquets that are not left out. During the Chinese New Year, families and friends travel across China from distanced countries to celebrate with families.

Furthermore, people create several designs by decorating their homes and houses with the color red which stands for them as a symbol for good luck, little children are also given money in a bright red envelope. This is a culture that the Chinese believe in. The Chinese New Year celebration lasts for two weeks, so the celebration continues to February 15 of this year (2022).

Is Chinese New Year 2022 The Year Of the Tiger?

Just like every other tribe, race, and region, each year in China is been associated with 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac. And so the year 2022 is been referred to as the Year of the Tiger as it falls to the tiger year. Children born in China at this period are said to be born with a brave attitude in them.

At this kind of celebration, the people greet each other with “Gong Hei Fat Choy” which simply means “I wish you prosperity”. This is used by people who speak the Cantonese language, while the Mandarin people greet with “Xin Nian Kuai Le” which interprets, “Happy New Year”.

Where China Did Originate its New Year From?

The Chinese New year is said to be dated as far back as the 14th century BC, during the tenor of the Shang Dynasty. It was said that it was originated from a popular story about a beast named Nian which means “Year”. In the story, it was said that the monster would always come to attack the villagers every year but then it was later discovered that Nian gets scared of noises, bright lights, and the color red.

The villagers used these things to put the beast to flight. Dragons are seen as the Chinese symbol of power and good fortune, in several areas of the country dragons are seen dancing. They appear in various colors, the dragon puppet is been paraded through the streets. During the New Year, people are seen thoroughly cleaning their homes and houses to get rid of any bad luck from the previous year.