13 Good Christmas Movies on Disney Plus to Watch this 2022 Holiday

13 Good Christmas Movies on Disney Plus to Watch this 2022 Holiday- What good movies can I watch this Christmas 2022 with my family? What can I stream on my screen for the holiday with my friends?  Christmas bells have hung and loved ones’ greetings and salutations are slowly trooping in folds. This is the time to start setting in place all the best activities that you can do with your loved ones or friends during December.

13 Good Christmas Movies on Disney Plus to Watch this 2022 Holiday

Well, Disney Plus is here to provide the best screen time fun for all your lovely friends and family. There are good movies and programs that you can stream on the platform and there is a list that you can use to select the best movies available.

Read on in this article to learn more about good movies to watch this December 2022.

13 Good Christmas Movies on Disney Plus to Watch this 2022 Holiday

There are tons of good movies that are available on the Disney Plus platform. Here are 13 good movies that you can stream on Disney Plus this 2022 holiday:

Home Alone

The “Home Alone” movie starting this best list is a top banger and should be streamed on this platform. With your action and comedy genres mixed, it tells of how McCallister’s’ last son accidentally got left behind on their family road trip. He alone has to stop burglars from attacking his home.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

 It’s a classic movie with its dark angles, dark twists, and creepy aura. The ending doesn’t come clear but we can see the effort made when Sandy Claws shows people all, citizens the true meaning of Christmas.

The Christmas Star

 A girl named Allie and her best friend; Sam happens to find a mysterious weather machine left behind by Santa.  What’s more, they don’t even know that the machine can ruin Christmas.

The Nutcracker

 This movie always happens to make its way into every Christmas holiday movie list for you to stream. Well, it has gingerbread soldiers, dancing fairies, fighting mice, and more. So, it’s no doubt that this movie is a great choice to watch and stream this December 2022.

 I’ll Be Home For Christmas

Jack, a college student wants to go home for Christmas. This is because his father has attached a prize of him getting a Porsche if he gets home early for dinner. However, he faces tons of challenges that appear quite mysterious.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe

So, four kids happen to find a wardrobe that can transport them to another whole world entirely. This world is called Narnia but they soon discover that they possess the destiny needed to free the land. They only have to defeat an evil queen and to succeed, they team up with a lion called Aslan.

Home Alone Sweet Alone

This is greatly similar to the Home Alone movie as you can already tell. Just like McCallister’s last son, Kevin, Max has to quickly stop a couple of burglars that try to steal an heirloom from his house. This not only creams victory, but it also spells humor.

The Christmas Star

A man named Horace McNickle has the appearance of Santa Claus. However, he escapes prison to try and retrieve the stolen stash he had cleverly hidden before his arrest. Besides that, he is what you would call a tough criminal, that is until he meets his two kids. Also, it has a great sense of humor. Stream this movie and watch it.

The Small One

Let’s touch a little bit on a story closely related to the whole Christmas theme. Remember, Joseph and Pregnant Mary about to birth Jesus? This isn’t really about them though. Set in Nazareth, Galilee, a young boy has a donkey called ‘Small One’ whom he sells to Joseph.  Although he misses his donkey, he knows it is he who will carry the pregnant Mary to Bethlehem where she will birth Jesus.

Frozen I & II

An irresistible movie that you should definitely watch is the movie Frozen. It has a part one and two. However, you can hardly tell the difference as you are submerged in it with every passing time. It’s an animated movie with great visuals that captures your attention, depict the love of sisterhood, and has its own comedy to it.

Olaf’s Frozen Adventure

After the great movie, Frozen, Olaf spins his own story from all their legendary adventure. The talking snowman tells his own story about how he sets out with Sven to make a memorable Christmas in Arendelle. Of course, this is like Frozen but it has a more Christmas twist on it that brings it to a new light.

West Side Story

Of course, this movie makes its way into the best movies to watch on Disney plus this December 2022. This movie is a musical that has a twist of Romeo and Juliet. However, it is cast in a more modern light and adds it own shine to it. Juts watch the movie and find out more.


Rounding up this list would be one of the greatest animations of 2022, Encanto. Mirabel is the only one out of her large family who isn’t given a gift. This doesn’t make her an outcast of course but there are struggles she faces. When something threatens the magic in the family, Mirabel decides that she will be the one to save her family.  You really should watch this for Christmas.

You can decide to start with whatever number best suits you, but these are the best movies that you can stream on Disney Plus for Christmas 2022.