11 Upwork Jobs For Beginners To Start A Freelancing Career

Are you searching for freelancing jobs online? Then this article is for you. In this article, I will be providing information about 11 Upwork Jobs for Beginners to Start a Freelancing Career. A lot of people think that beginning a freelancing career is difficult, but on the contrary, with Upwork, you can start very simply and quickly. They provide people with the opportunity to begin or start a career where they can work for themselves.

11 Upwork Jobs For Beginners To Start A Freelancing Career

In other words, they will not be working for any company. Moreover, Upwork is an American independent platform. Its corporate headquarters are in San Francisco, California. Furthermore, Upwork was founded in 2015 and is still active and running to date. With Upwork, you will be working and earning money for yourself. With the help of a freelancing job, you can work for yourself and be self-employed. Plus, you are free and you have flexible working hours. As a beginner, with the help of Upwork, you can look for the perfect job opportunity to work as a freelancer.

Why Should I Use Upwork?

Upwork is one of the best institutions when it comes to creating employment opportunities for individuals. They also provide people with high-paying jobs for all types of people. However, to get these jobs, you need to be qualified.

Also, they provide working opportunities for individuals who want to be self-employed and do not work to work under any company. Upwork also locates and hires skilled freelancers for projects available in the organization. Check out the next outline for the top 11 Upwork Jobs For Beginners To Start A Freelancing Career.

11 Jobs To Start A Freelancing Career As A Beginner

In this section of the article, we will be outlining the 11 Upwork Jobs For Beginners To Start A Freelancing Career. There are many job opportunities at Upwork. These jobs help people who have skills and are unemployed at the same time. If you are a beginner and you are interested in working as a freelancer, then here are some job options that you can apply for. They include:

  1. Creative writing.
  2. Customer Service.
  3. Graphic Design.
  4. Voice Recordings.
  5. Virtual Assistant.
  6. Basic Email Copywriting.
  7. Transcriptionist.
  8. Data Entry.
  9. Article Writing.
  10. Logo Designing.
  11. Content Writing.

Creative Writing

Meanwhile, Creative writing is an excellent job to begin as a freelancer. If you are really good at telling stories, then with your talent, you can put your skill to use.  You get to work with authors and write articles, blogs, and magazines.

Moreover, you may be getting paid per hour for the words you have written. Though Creative writing is a little competitive, it is a good job to start if you want to begin your freelancing career.

Customer Service

As a beginner, customer service is a great job to begin as a freelancer. It is very lucrative and you tend to find opportunities on Upwork. Furthermore, to work as a customer care representative as a freelancer, you need to be qualified. You need to pay attention to details and you need to have good communication skills.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is one of the most lucrative job opportunities in the world today. And it is among the11 Upwork Jobs For Beginners. You will also be making a lot of money while working as a graphic designer. However, being a freelancing graphic designer is not as easy as you think. But, if you can bring the dream of your client to reality, then you have an edge to work as a graphic designer or a freelancer.

Voice Recordings

You may find it weird and you may be wondering, how does being a voice recorder be a good job opportunity to work as a freelancer? Do you fret because I have got you covered?  There are a lot of companies that hire beginners who are voice artists.

Plus, it is straightforward to do. All you have to do is to read and record a script given to you. Besides, you won’t be recording all of the time so, you still got some time to yourself.

Virtual Assistant

As a Freelancer, you can work as a virtual assistant. As long as you are qualified and you have the skills. Plus, you will be paid per hour. And as a beginner, you do not have to worry because you can improve in no time.

11 Jobs To Start A Freelancing Career As A Beginner-Basic E-mail Copywriting

If you have excellent writing skills, then being an email copywriter is a piece of cake. Moreover, you can improve and grow your career as you work in the digital marketing industry.  Your role is to write copies of inboxes that will be sent to users. With this Upwork job, being a basic email copywriter is a great opportunity. You also get to help companies boost and generate their brand awareness as well as revenue.


Among the 11 Upwork Jobs for Beginners is Transcriptionist. This is another great job opportunity to start as a freelancer. You will be tasked with transcribing audio files into written documents. Though it may be a little difficult and time-consuming, it is so done. You can also work anywhere.

Data Entry

This is one of the best Upwork jobs for a beginner to start a freelancing career. It is also very easy to understand and straightforward. Plus, you do not need to have years of experience before you can work and you can earn a moderate amount of money.

Article Writing

As a writer, you have an edge if you apply to work as a writer. Article or blog writing is a great Upwork job to start a freelancing career. You may also be paid per the words or the article you are writing. Clients are also looking for article writers to work for them and pay them a nice amount of money as a salary.

Logo Designing

Logo designing is a great opportunity for a beginner to start a freelancing career with Upwork.  If you have the skills to design logos for companies, then you will certainly be called by a lot of companies. You will also be earning a decent amount of money as you work.

Content Writing

Content writers are wanted like criminals in various companies. You will be tasked with writing articles and blogs and your clients will have to be satisfied with your services rendered. With Upwork, you will be putting your skills to use while you make money as a freelancer.