10 Ways UNILAG Students Can Make Money

10 Ways UNILAG Students Can Make Money – Are you a UNILAG student searching for opportunities to earn money while in school? Look no further, as you’ve landed on the right page.

10 Ways UNILAG Students Can Make Money

Financial challenges remain a significant concern for many students during their academic journey. While some manage with support from guardians, parents, or siblings, others struggle to make ends meet.

UNILAG students are renowned for their resilience, yet many still face difficulties in generating income. Your time in school, spanning 4 or 5 years, shouldn’t solely revolve around academics. It’s essential to explore legitimate ways to earn money independently.

This article will discuss various avenues through which UNILAG students can lawfully supplement their finances, emphasizing practical strategies for financial empowerment.

10 Ways UNILAG Students Can Make Money

The lists below are skills you, as a student, can learn to make money while in school in Nigeria, with transitory information on each skill. They are as follows:

Freelance Writing

If you enjoy writing and can balance meeting deadlines with schoolwork, this should work for you. Try not to take on a lot of writing projects, so you will not get dazed. Losing a clasp on school and work at the same time.

To take up freelance writing jobs, you can sign up for platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr, offer to ghostwrite for someone for a fee, or just become a supplier for blogs.

There are a lot of Nigerian companies ready to hire a student writer if you ground yourself well.

Event Planning

Event planning is another way you can make money as a Unilag student. We all know that Saturdays are for Owanbe and enjoyment.

There is always something to celebrate. So why not make use of this advantage and start your journey as an event planner? You will be paid for organizing events like parties, game nights, award ceremonies, and so on.


Blogging is another intelligent way you can beat Sapa. You can begin your blogging journey by possessing a website or even by starting small with social media such as Twitter and Instagram.

And when you see you have sufficient faithful followers, you can introduce them to your website. Running ads for companies or brands is one of the ways you can make money from blogging.

In addition, you can make money through affiliate marketing, whereby you supplement a link to a product and get a commission as a customer buys the product using your link.


Certainly, makeup is another skill Unilag students can learn to earn money. It opens you up to infinite opportunities, beautifying people while making a good amount to sustain yourself and being an expert makeup artist will always put you in demand.

People always love to look good for any events they have, be it weddings, birthday parties, or burial ceremonies.

Fashion Design

Fashion design is another timeless skill, as it represents trends, culture, and creativity. Being a professional fashion designer entails technical skills and creativity.

As you bring thoughts to life, draw stimulus from present fashion trends and customers’ needs. It is also a good skill for students to learn while at the university.


Copywriting is another valuable skill you can use to earn money as a student. As every customer listens, reads, or watches content, you get paid. It assists you in becoming a better researcher, marketer, and content creator.

Copywriting is also a valuable skill that can assist you in financial aspects while in university because it is in demand in a lot of professions.

Social Media Influencer

A social media influencer is a social media leader. This is another way to earn money as a Unilag student. Social media influencers are people who force the use of social media platforms to gain trustworthiness in a specific industry and can encourage or influence others to make a decision about a brand or their products.

As Unilag students, there are only three (3) social platforms you can influence: WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter. Even though the Facebook-owned platform is not known as a social media platform for influencing, it sure has many influences.

A Digital Marketer

According to statistics, digital marketing is currently one of the highest-paying jobs in the world. A digital marketer is an individual who makes use of the internet to market products or services.

Well, it is not simple, but don’t be afraid; nothing good comes easy. There aren’t a lot of digital marketers in Unilag, as only a few know about it or are ready to go into it.


Fashion modeling is another profitable side job that most ladies and guys on campus are into. The good thing is that these days, your height and size are no longer of high importance.

With a fine face, clear skin, and determination, you can begin your own modeling career today. Ask about agencies that have a trustworthy standard and register. You can also be a self-employed model.

Organizing Tutorials

If you are a bookworm, then you should really consider this. It is really great for you because you do not need any capital to start; just start small in the meantime, and then you will boom up later.

Distinguished tutorials in Unilag are Smart tutorials, Catalyst tutorials, Benzene tutorials, Aromatics, and so on.

In conclusion, all the skills mentioned are the 10 best ways Unilag Students can make money and all are highly profitable. It can assist you in making a decent amount of money while still in university and even when you are done.