10 Natural Hair Twist Styles To Try Out In 2023

Natural twist styles are simple and effective hairstyles that are made to maintain the neatness of the hair. You can style it to beautify your looks, and also create a signature style. In addition to this, it also serves as a protective style or method to keep the growth of the hair tidy and elegant.

10 Natural Hair Twist Styles To Try Out In 2023

There are multiple styles that you can make for your natural hair. And twists are one of the most simple and effective styles. Many can choose to go down the path of watching videos and putting their hair up in styles with extensions. However, if you’re more interested in doing natural styles for your hair. You can count on Twists – being one of the most protective and stylish hairstyles out there.

Natural Hair Twist Styles

There are so many twist styles you can try out as a lady that would look just perfect on you and would be nice for any occassion. So, among many,i will be listing a few and they are also among the best and most beautiful. You can pick from any here to look elegant for the occasion or event you will be attending. Or even just to look pretty on a normal day. So, without further ado, let’s explore some Natural Hair Twist Styles.

Criss-Cross Buns

This is not an easy hairstyle that you can style all by yourself, as it is pretty complex. However, it is a unique style that you can still get done and the result is absolutely breathtaking. It will involve parting and sectioning the hair, trapping parted hairs with rubber bands in the sections whilst twisting and flat twisting the sides. Nevertheless, this is a unique hairstyle to try out and you can add styles as well.

Natural Hair Twist Styles Two Strand Twists

This style will require a bit of playful fun with coloring the hair. You can make coloring changes to your hair without any damages or permanent colors, whilst twisting to get it into shape. Anyways, the two stands twist is a fun and cool natural hairstyle to try out.

Flat Twists With A Bow

Another beauty to behold is the Flat twists supported with a cute bow. The head wraps that you will be using is the perfect method to complete the natural curves of the twists. Moreover, the bow scarf helps keep the hair out of your face while still looking stylish.

Space Buns

The space buns is another super cool natural hairstyle that you can try out as a gorgeous lady. Trust me when I say this hairstyle is absolutely lovely. Having the twists done is unique and then pairing it into buns is perfect and beautifying.

Natural Hair Twist Styles Passion Twists

This twist hairstyle is perfect if you are going for something different. It looks good, feels heavenly and makes up an astonishing look for you. In addition, you can work with head wraps or scarf to incorporate unique styles into it.

Two Strands And Gold Cuffs

The two strands twist is one of the most popular natural hairstyles we have out there. What’s even better is having your beautiful twists decorated with hair accessories, like the gold cuffs. This makes the hairstyle prettier and appear more regal.

Mini Twist Ponytail

If you want to make something that is not only fun but also very beautiful as well, then you should try out the mini twist ponytails. This hairstyle is so neat and lovely, even though the time process to make this is quite long. Moreover, the Mini twist hairstyle is perfect in locking in moisture which gives it that unique shiny looks. Once you have the twists on the hair made, you can style it into a Jasmine mini twist ponytail.

Natural Hair Twist Styles – Marley Twists

Another natural hair twist style to check out is the Marley twist. You really cannot go wrong with the Marley twist, especially with its simplicity. Even better for you if you have long natural hair, is making the Marley twists. It is fast becoming popular and is excellent to try out whenever you can.

Stretched Loss Twists

If you want to go for something a bit more creative, then you should definitely try out the Stretched loose twists hairstyle. Moreover, this hairstyle proudly displays your volume when the hair is out. You can twist or get it twisted to really create that full enormous looks.

Pigtail Twists

You want to go for something refreshing? Then you can try out the pigtail twist as a natural hairstyle twist. Not only does it look good, but it locks the hair in pretty firm and still gives off the fancy and fun looks.

How Do I Maintain My Hair While on Twists?

If you want to maintain your hair and ensure your hairstyle lasts longer, it is advisable to always go to bed with a satin bonnet or a silk scarf. This will retain its neatness and keep the hairstyle lasting longer. In addition, you also need to keep your effectively moisturized a few times a week. You also should take precaution not to rub your hair too much.