10 Best Scholarship Websites

Are you a student looking for online scholarship programs to apply for? In this article, you will discover the top 10 best scholarship websites where you can find online scholarships. Meanwhile, in pursuit of your educational dream, financial burdens can often be a barrier for many students. However, the availability of scholarships can serve as a ray of hope, opening educational opportunities.

10 Best Scholarship Websites

Thanks to several dedicated websites that have emerged over the years, you can easily find and streamline the search for scholarships online. The best scholarship websites will help you gain access to a diverse range of opportunities catering to different fields of study and interests. Hence, whether you’re an aspiring scientist, lawyer, or engineer, these websites will help you find the right and ideal scholarships.

10 Best Scholarship Websites

If you would like to study in a particular country while pursuing a degree, with the help of these 10 best scholarship websites, you will find no hassle when you search for and apply for these educational opportunities:


one of the 10 best scholarship websites and search engines on CareerOneStop. Besides, you can access the United States Department of Labor scholarship website through this portal. Guess what? You can find more than 8,000 scholarships open, and feel free to filter them by where you want to study, amount, residing state, and deadline.


Just like any other scholarship website, you will have to sign up or create an account with Scholly if you would like to apply for the scholarship programs on it. What’s more, when you search for any program on Scholly, you will see a Scholly score. This score will show you how well the program fits your experience and background.


Cappax is the biggest scholarship website online, and it wouldn’t hurt to check it out. But to access or apply for any scholarship program on the platform, you will need to create an account. Users or students can also filter their search on Cappax to make it easier to find programs that have what they need.


Bold.org is among the 10 best scholarship websites. It is also a reliable search engine for students to use. With its easy-to-use interface, you will not experience any difficulty or stress when you want to find various scholarships. Additionally, if you want to apply for a no-essay scholarship, you can filter them based on your choice.


This is a well-known scholarship that helps scholarship seekers organize and put together programs by types of requirements, application deadline, amount, number of winners, and many more. What’s more, ScholarshipOwl will help you resubmit your application for continuous scholarships automatically.

Going Merry

Going Merry is another scholarship search engine you should try out. Moreover, if you are tired of entering your personal information and details continuously or repeatedly, use this scholarship website. It allows you to enter your information once and apply for different scholarship programs at the same time.

College Board

One of the 10 best scholarship websites is the College Board. So, to use this search engine, you will need to create an account, and you can filter your search based on your preferences, which makes it easy to find a good scholarship program that you are eligible for.


Whether it is from a small or large directory, Fastweb increases awards for interested applicants. What’s more, you will have to create an account first and make a profile to find scholarships easily. Additionally, you can filter your results based on various points, and if there is an open scholarship program matching your category, you will be notified.


Another very popular scholarship search engine is Scholarship.com. What’s more, this platform helps users group scholarship programs by a wide range of categories, like artistic ability, GPA, residing state, military affiliation, SAT or ACT score, and ethnicity. This way, you will find it easy to find out what scholarship you are eligible for.


Chegg is one of the best scholarship websites, and I highly recommend it to you. Furthermore, this platform was founded in 2005 and is perfect for students. So, when you use Chegg as a student, you will discover different resources that you will consider helpful for college preparation. For instance, scholarships, books, internships, and study materials.

Final Thoughts

Since you have finally learned about the 10 best scholarship websites, I suggest that you check them out one by one and apply for different scholarship programs. Moreover, you need to apply before the program’s deadline sets in or comes. But just as long as you are eligible for the program, you stand a chance to get the award.