10 Best PC Games 2024

10 Best PC Games – With millions of games available to play on PC, we can easily say the PC gaming ecosystem is the largest in the whole gaming industry. From Eden Ring to Baldur’s Gate 3, there is so much you can play this year across different genres.

10 Best PC Games

However, with so many options available, finding the best PC games is not an easy one. If you are thinking of starting a build to play some games or you want to upgrade your PC games to the latest one, you are in the right article. In this guide, we have compiled the 10 best PC games.

10 Best PC Games

If you are looking around for the top 10 best PC games, check out our roundups for the best games for your PC;

Pacific Drive

Embark on an incredible adventure through the radioactive Olympic Exclusion Zone. Using the only available vehicle: a worn-out station wagon. Despite the zone’s dangers and eerie creatures, your reliable car serves as your shield. While navigating this perilous environment, your task is to uncover clues about its origins and the people behind its devastation.

Throughout your adventure, make pit stops to gather materials and resources to upgrade your vehicle’s capabilities. Your relationship with your car by the game’s end depends on how well you maintain and upgrade it along the way.

Alan Wake 2

Enter the next level of the intriguing Remedy universe with Alan Wake 2. This continues the tale from the beloved original version over a decade later. Alan finds himself stuck in the Dark Place, left to craft his narrative to escape. His journey intertwines with that of FBI agent Saga Anderson.

 It offers two parallel campaigns that can be enjoyed in any sequence. While the first game had a mild spookiness, Alan Wake 2 goes deeper into darkness. And delivers a chilling horror adventure packed with memorable thrills.

Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3 has made a grand return as the king of CRPGs, surpassing expectations in a competitive gaming landscape. Beyond its incredible quality, performance, and visuals. This game truly shines in its storytelling and immersive role-playing experience.

Players can enjoy unprecedented freedom to explore and interact with the game world. With developers accounting for almost every conceivable action and ensuring that realistic reactions from characters. It captures the essence of playing Dungeons & Dragons with friends. It delivers unpredictable humor and excitement akin to tabletop gaming in a digital format.

Armored Core VI: Fire of Rubicon

Are you craving epic robot fights? Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon by FromSoftware breathes new life into this genre and the beloved series. With fully customizable mech suits, exciting missions, and intense boss battles.

It’s a dream come true for lovers of big, powerful machines. While some missions may feel like filler, the game is a thrilling experience that will leave players satisfied.

Portal 2

Portal 2 builds upon the success of the original version. It seamlessly blends puzzles and first-person shooting. While maintaining the witty dialogue that made its predecessor famous.

Although the limited multiplayer and post-campaign features may reduce its replay value slightly, Portal 2 remains just as entertaining and thrilling as the first game in almost every way.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends stands out as the ultimate champion of battle royales even after two years since its release. It was developed by Respawn Entertainment, known for Titanfall. It offers a refined and competitive shooter experience. With diverse characters, sharp gunplay, and helpful features like the ping system. It keeps players engaged and focused on the action.

Throughout its many seasons, Apex Legends has introduced multiple maps and game modes.  Along with intriguing lore that immerses players in its world. It is free-to-play, there’s no risk in giving it a try and experiencing the excitement for you.

Persona 3 Reload

The year 2024 has kicked off with a bang for JRPG lovers. And Persona 3 Reload is one standout title. Its story skillfully works with compelling writing with heartfelt themes of loss and coping with the aftermath of others’ actions. Our review of Persona 3 Reload highlights its most notable achievement.

A streamlined battle system that enhances playability. Despite its regular updates, Persona 3 Reload maintains the original’s unique sense of style, unmatched by any other RPG, including other Persona games. Just so you know, it’s available on Game Pass. This makes it a must-try if you’re even slightly intrigued. This is a must-play for every game lover in 2024.

Street Fighter 6

Capcom keeps hitting the bar with yet another impressive release: Street Fighter 6. This installment has been a hit not only with the usual hardcore fans but also with beginners.

And this is thanks to its accessible gameplay. Alongside the classic 1v1 fighting mode, Street Fighter 6 introduces a 15-hour story mode. This allows players to dive into the game’s mechanics and lore.

Street Fighter 6 introduces amazing new mechanics, including the Drive Bar. This feature brings back beloved classics like Parrying while also adding fresh elements like Drive Rush. This enables fighters to execute dazzling combos by canceling specific moves.

Before Your Eyes

This one stands out as one of the most unique games in recent times. With a simple yet innovative concept, you are in control using your webcam. As you play the role of a person reflecting on their life after death. Every blink forward moves time in the game.

This incredible mechanic perfectly captures the essence of memories, life, and cherishing precious moments. Despite its unusual way, Before Your Eyes delivers a powerful emotional experience. It will keep you captivated throughout.

Solium Infernum

In the world of strategy games, titles like Millennia, Ara History Untold, and Civilization 7 shine well. Yet, they often follow the same formula, to build, gather, grow, and expand. What we crave are games that break these rules. Solium Infernum steps into this gap, offering an incredible new perspective. Set in Hell, it challenges the characters to vie for dominance using intricate mechanics and strategic planning.

Unlike typical games based on acquiring power and resources, this Solium Infernum delves deeper. It carries the concepts like deceit and manipulation through tangible gameplay mechanics.

It’s not just a normal puzzle or an RTS; it’s a blend of different genres, wrapped in psychology and strategy. With its innovative approach, Solium Infernum stands out as one of the most unique PC games today.