10 Best Left-Handed Scholarships To Apply For

10 Best Left-Handed Scholarships To Apply For- Do you know that there is a scholarship for left-handed students? It might be very surprising to hear, but there are scholarships especially designed for left-handed people. These scholarships can range from $500 to as much as $20,000, and they are awarded to both college students and graduate students.

10 Best Left-Handed Scholarships To Apply For

Left-handed people have different brain wiring than right-handed people and this makes them excel in specific areas. Tons of scholarships are established to award left-handed people some financial aid to help them with their tuition and other education cost. As a left-handed person, you have unique experiences and challenges, especially with tools and gadgets that are meant for a right-handed person, and you can include this in your application essay.

10 Best Left-Handed Scholarships to Apply For

There are tons of scholarships, especially those designed for left-handed people. These scholarships are ideal for left-handed students, and they offer financial aid. Here are the 10 Best Left-Handed Scholarships To Apply For

The Andrew Macrina Scholarship Fund

The American Culinary Federation provides the Andrew Macrina Scholarship Fund which is valued at $2,500. The scholarship is reserved especially for left-handed seniors who are accepted to study culinary arts or pastry at an accredited college of their choice.  The applicant must have participated in culinary competitions and must also maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5.

In addition, they are also expected to be an active member of volunteer work. You must also be planning on becoming an American Culinary Federation apprentice. They are also required to offer at least two recommendations and to have shown dedication to their work as a rising pastry chef.

Scholarship Value: $2,500.

Area of study: culinary arts.

The James Beard Foundation National Scholarships

If you want to pursue studies in the culinary arts, then the James Beard Foundation National Scholarship is among the most lucrative. This scholarship will award $20,000 every year to students who are studying food science, agriculture, hospitality management, and other related degrees at any accredited college in the United States.  The applicants are chosen from different geographic areas across the county. They select the winners based on academic merit, the applicant’s career goals, a record of community service, and strong leadership abilities.

Scholarship Value: $20,000.

Area of study: food and agriculture.

The MCRA Foundation Left-Handed Scholarship

If you are interested in pursuing a major related to trade or you have an interest in engineering, architecture, metallurgy, construction, materials sciences, industrial design, or even material sciences, then you might qualify for the Midwest Roofing Contractors Association Left-Handed Scholarship.

This scholarship is especially for students who are left-handed and want to pursue a type of trade-related course.  The scholarship amount ranges from $500 to $3000 for each student.  To be qualified for this scholarship, the applicants must be eligible United States citizens. Also, have a minimum 3.0 GPA, have experience working in construction, attend any accredited university or technical trade school, and maintain full-time studies.

Scholarship Value: $500 to $3,000.

Area of study: architecture, construction, and engineering.

The Frederick and Mary F Buckley Scholarship

The Frederick and Mary F Buckley Scholarship provide $1,000 to $1,500 worth of assistance for left-handed college student. However, you must be enrolled at Juniata College in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania.  The Juniata College is a small, liberal arts school. The scholarship started in 1979 and it has helped over 40 left-handed students with financial assistance.

This scholarship is reserved for juniors, sophomores, and seniors and preference is awarded to students with a track record of academic success and also financial need.

Scholarship Value: $1,000 to $1,500.

Area of study: Arts

Pickard Parry PFAU Southpaw Scholarship

This scholarship is ideal for people from Southpaws who are interested in getting a degree. This scholarship motivates higher education with a $1,500 grant, especially for left-handed seniors. Also, college students who demonstrate merit in their academics. To be qualified for this scholarship, you need to enroll at a full-time accredited college. Then, have a financial need, and be a citizen of the United States. If you apply for this scholarship online, then you should be prepared to submit a short YouTube video about your experiences as a left-handed person.

Scholarship Value: $1,500.

James River Church Left-Handed Scholarship

The James River Church is in partnership with Evangel University to award scholarships to left-handed people who want to get an associate degree in leadership from the James River Church campus. The applicants should submit a 500-word essay about their experience as a left-handed person. 

They can also submit portfolios of their drawings, photography work, paintings, and other creative art.  Funding for this scholarship is shared across the courses for four semesters.

Scholarship Value: $500.

The Heineken USA Performing Arts Scholarship

Meanwhile, this scholarship is reserved for African Americans who are getting a bachelor’s degree in opera, music, drama, theater, and other performing arts. The Heineken USA performing arts scholarship is offered by the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, and it offers $3,000 to students in any study.

However, this scholarship is limited to United States citizens who are attending a full-time accredited college. The applicants must also show strong leadership abilities and academic achievement and have a minimum GPA of 2.5. They must also be prepared to send a short video presentation with their application.

Scholarship Value: $3,000.

Area of study: performing arts.

The Frank J. Richter Scholarship Award

If you attend a full-time college in the United States or Canada and you have a minimum GPA of 2.75 then you can be able to apply for this scholarship. It awards $1,000 however, there are no requirements to study a specific degree or major. There is also a requirement to include an essay in your application.

Scholarship Value: $1,000.

Area of study: any.

Lawyers Plus Southpaw Scholarship

Meanwhile, the Lawyers Plus Southpaw Scholarship gives $1,500 to left-handed students who are enrolled full-time at any accredited college in the United States. To be qualified, all applicants should submit a short, one-minute video explaining how their left-handedness has affected their educational experience and life. The applicants will be chosen based on quality, creativity, passion, and humor.

Scholarship Value: $1,500.

Area of study: law.

Enid Hall Griswold Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is given to left-handed students who are interested in studying government. If you plan on majoring in government, economics, political science, and history, then you can apply for this scholarship. To be eligible, you must have an excellent academic merit.

Scholarship Value: $5,000.

Area of study: political science, history, and government.


The above scholarships offer an opportunity for left-handed people to get an education without having to worry about their tuition and other study costs. They also range from fully funded opportunities to certain fields such as drama, culinary arts, and leadership.