10 Best iPhone Wallpaper Apps

10 Best iPhone Wallpaper Apps – People change their phone wallpaper for different reasons. Some people change their wallpaper to feel happy by setting their favorite photos as their wallpaper. While some people want their wallpaper to match the season or mood. iPhones come with a fixed number of wallpapers by default. This means there are not many options to choose from. And this is where third-party wallpaper apps come in.

10 Best iPhone Wallpaper Apps

These apps give you more options than the default wallpapers on your iPhone. Some of these apps even allow users to create their wallpaper by mixing various designs. Also, they offer a simple and quick way to set the wallpaper. Finding the best wallpaper apps for your iPhone or iPad can be very difficult. This is because there are so many apps you can choose from out there. However, you don’t need to worry. In this article, you will learn about the best 10 wallpaper apps for your iPhone.

10 Best iPhone Wallpaper Apps

If you are currently in a dilemma looking for the best iPhone wallpaper apps, search no more. We have done the hard work on your behalf and picked out the 10 best iPhone wallpaper apps in 2024.


Unsplash is a straightforward iPhone wallpaper app with a super simple interface. It is very easy to navigate and has several amazing pictures, like nature scenes, textures, and even film shots. Getting the wallpaper of your choice is a breeze. Just find one you like and tap the arrow to save it to your phone. Plus, there’s a handy search feature to help you locate exactly what you’re looking for. Unsplash is all about top-notch images, no paid versions, and no ads, making it a very nice choice.


This is a very good choice for people who want an extensive collection of wallpapers. It offers animated live photos, HD and 4K wallpapers, and a huge selection of sounds for alarms and notifications. You can easily set up your phone with different wallpapers, ringtones, and many more. Its user interface is friendly and easy to use. This app has a search engine where you can type in the specific wallpaper or ringtone you are looking for and get the best results. The good part is that AI is integrated into this application. It is free to use, and users can make use of it as part of a subscription or as a one-time payment. You can take out an annual or monthly subscription or a one-off of $9.90.


Vellum Wallpapers is an amazing choice for iPhone and iPad users. It boasts over 55,900 ratings with an impressive 4.8-star score. This app offers hundreds of free wallpapers and updates regularly with new collections and fresh wallpaper every day. Plus, Vellum provides a nice blurred background feature for added effects. You can use Vellum for free with ads or opt for a small subscription fee to get an ad-free experience.


Freshwalls stands out as one of the top wallpaper apps for the iPhone. It offers a wide selection of the latest wallpapers. And a simple, easy-to-navigate interface. The app updates daily and provides access to fresh wallpapers. Allow users to customize them by adjusting depth, saturation, and more.

With amazing categories, trending wallpapers, and depth options, it’s easy to find the best wallpaper to suit your style. The best part? Freshwalls is free to use, with no ads or account requirements. This provides a seamless and enjoyable user experience.


The Walli app offers a huge variety of iPhone wallpapers in different styles, like dark, anime, neon lights, and more. It even has a unique collection of depth-effect wallpapers. While most wallpaper is free, some is locked behind ads, which are marked in the bottom right corner. The app also has a feature where you can put down text prompts to generate aesthetic images using AI. While this feature may not be perfect, it’s still a nice addition, especially considering it does not charge.


IOS 16 brings incredible changes, including lock screen customization. You can now personalize your home screen with wallpapers, widgets, and many more. An incredible feature is the depth effect, which adds a 3D look to your lockscreen wallpaper. This app is a top choice because it offers a wide range of high-quality wallpapers with this effect. These wallpapers create a layered appearance. It gives the illusion that the clock is behind the main image, adding depth.

Lockd offers a diverse collection of lockscreen wallpapers, tailored for both iPhone and iPad. With the 4K resolution, the wallpapers ensure clarity and detail. Additionally, the app allows you to take full advantage of the updated iOS lock screen feature by adjusting elements. Like moving objects to the background and highlighting the time in the foreground.


Everpix offers a huge range of wallpapers, including 4K, Retina, and HD options. It is sorted into various themes and categories to suit your device perfectly. The app features convenient categories and includes things like the Depth effect and AI-generated wallpapers. For additional content and an ad-free experience, you can choose the premium subscription, similar to Vellum.


The Wallpaper app boasts an exceptional and distinct collection of wallpapers. Many of these wallpapers were designed by the app’s team to ensure their uniqueness and high quality. With some designs exclusive to the app. You’ll find some styles available, ranging from abstract to photographic.

Additionally, professional users can get access to an exclusive premium collection. The app is free to use, but users can also subscribe to a premium version for additional benefits. With this premium subscription, you’ll unlock exclusive backgrounds and enjoy an ad-free experience.

Wallcraft Wallpapers Live 4K

Wallcraft is an excellent app that provides a wide array of top-notch wallpapers. It features wallpapers in different resolutions, including stunning 4K and HD live options.

It caters to different iPhone models. With categories ranging from 3D to animals and anime, as a user, you have a diverse selection to choose from. While many types of wallpaper are free, Wallcraft offers a PRO subscription for an ad-free experience. And access to special wallpapers is $4.99 per year or $12.99 for a lifetime.

The app updates its collection regularly with fresh wallpapers, ensuring users have something new to explore each day. Whether you own an older iPhone model like the 4S or the latest version, this app has you covered. With more than 65,000 wallpapers available for select models, users can easily find the perfect background.

Additionally, the app categorizes wallpapers into themes such as nature, music, and video backgrounds. It offers something for every preference. Plus, it offers an awesome selection of live and double wallpapers for added customization.


Papers.co offers a fantastic selection of wallpapers with a clean and straightforward interface. This makes it easy to save, share, and like your favorite wallpapers. It stands out for its minimalist design, which gives users a streamlined experience.

Additionally, Papers.co is not limited to iOS devices only; it’s also accessible on Android and desktops. You can even use it directly through a web browser on your laptop or computer for added convenience. With its high rating and popularity, it’s a good choice for users, and it’s free to download. If you want an ad-free experience, you have the option to make an in-app purchase.