10 Best Hockey Prep Schools In USA

Are you a resident of the United States of America? Do you love playing Hockey? Do you want to enroll in a school that will help you develop your skills? I am the answer to your questions. How about I give you details of the 10 Best Hockey Prep Schools in USA? So, with the help of this article, you will be able to decide on which school you want or plan to go to.

10 Best Hockey Prep Schools In USA

These schools are for students who fall within the class of grades 9 to 12. Furthermore, some of them are day prep schools while some are boarding schools. Now, read on to discover a good school that will help and build your hockey career.

10 Best Hockey Prep Schools In USA

There are a lot of hockey schools and academies in the United States. Furthermore, these schools have their own courses and programs that they provide for students to take and work on themselves. So, below are some of the best:

  1. Noble and Greenough School.
  2. Belmont Hill School.
  3. Culver Military Academy.
  4. Avon Old Farms.
  5. The Salisbury School.
  6. Shattuck St. Mary.
  7. Philips Academy Andover.
  8. The Taft School.
  9. Cushing Academy.
  10. Deerfield Academy.

Noble and Greenough School

Whether you are a newbie at hockey or you are experienced, Noble and Greenough School is the perfect school for you. Furthermore, this school consists of Massachusetts natives and its acceptance rate is 24%. What’s more, Noble and Greenough School is known for its excellent athletic facilities and campus beauty.

Belmont Hill School

Next, we have Belmont Hill School. However, the only thing is that this school is an all-boys private boarding school. Moreso, its acceptance rate is 72%, and is one of the best prep schools in the United States.

Culver Military Academy

Another highly recommended hockey school is Culver Military Academy. What’s more, it is located in Northern Indiana. It has an acceptance rate of 65%. Plus, this school has developed a program that has backed 20 state championships.

Avon Old Farms

This school can be found in the mountains in Connecticut. It is also an all-boys school. Moreover, it has a lot of notable alumni and they have an acceptance rate of 39%. Plus, they have very creative mascots.

The Salisbury School

Another all-boys school that I would love to recommend to you is The Salisbury School whose acceptance rate is 36%. It is also a private college preparatory school and one of the nest in the United States.

Shattuck St. Mary

This school, Shattuck St. Mary is a Christian school and can be found in Minnesota. It is also recognized as the top private hockey boarding school and has over 7 hockey teams. Shattuck St. Mary’s acceptance rate is 90%.

Philips Academy Andover

This is one of the best hockey preparatory schools in the USA. What’s more, it has both male and female teams and an acceptance rate of 13%. There are also a lot of notable alumni. Plus,  their girls’ program is backing a record of one of the oldest high school girl’s programs.

The Taft School

The Taft School is one of the best hockey schools in the United States. Furthermore, it is located in Watertown, Connecticut, USA. This is also a private school that supports coeducation. Besides, its acceptance rate is 24%.

Cushing Academy

One of the best hockey prep schools in the United States is the Cushing Academy. Furthermore, it is a co-education college day school and boarding school for students in grades 9 to 12. Moreover, its acceptance rate is 65%. Frankly, this school is equipped with the best coaches and facilities.

Deerfield Academy

If you are interested in taking part in NESCAC school an Ivy League, then you should apply to Deerfield Academy. Its acceptance rate is 17%. Moreover, its education-hockey combination has earned them 30 commitments to 2 leagues over the years.