Zoom Meeting App – Download the Zoom Meeting App

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We all must have heard of a proprietary teleconferencing software program known as zoom. Zoom meeting is an open platform that enables you to stay connected from anywhere you are. However, staying connected on Zoom is the fact that you can start and join a meeting that is well secured with flawless video and audio screen sharing and a cross-platform for sending messages free of charge. Also, accessing zoom isn’t a big deal as we can access Zoom meetings in two different ways to be able to perform the function it enables you to. These two ways include; the use of the Zoom meeting app and the use of the website. But right here in this article, you would be enlightened on what you need to know about the Zoom meeting app.

Zoom meeting app is an application software designed by Zoom video communication for all devices for free download and use. Therefore, irrespective of whichever device you have in your possession, you can process the Zoom app for use. During the Pandemic session whereby, movements were restricted and gathering was limited to only a very few numbers of people. Some companies were still able to hold conference meetings. Although not physically but with the use of the Zoom meeting apk. This is because the Zoom meeting app is a videoconferencing, VoIP, and instant messaging platform. Therefore, meetings were allowed to be held on it as a video call/real-time of a very large number of people is allowed.


Taking a look at the Zoom meeting apk and the little knowledge we already have about zoom; it is no doubt that the Zoom cloud meeting app has lots of unique features it entitles you to as a user. One of these unique features is that the zoom meeting app is available in about 11 different languages. Therefore, you can select a language you understand better to use the app conveniently. Aside from this feature, here are other features of the Zoom cloud meeting app below;

  • Compatible with all devices which includes Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, iOS and chrome OS.
  • Join video meeting irrespective of where you are
  • Best video quality
  • Send unlimited messages with photos, videos, files and more
  • Create or join both public and private chat channels
  • Make, receive and manage outgoing and incoming calls
  • Availability of safe driving mode while on the road
  • Join zoom webinars and lot more

Above all, you can invite up to 100 people to join you on a video call and connect with anyone on any device you want to access it on. To access all these features, you have to process the app download and after which use the app. However, see below on how to process Zoom app download.

Zoom Meeting App Download

The Zoom app download unlike some other video calling platforms can be processed on both desktop and mobile devices as there are apps available for both types of devices. But to install the app for desktop devices, you have to visit the Zoom app download install the app. While for your mobile device, you can install the app from your mobile device app store. Here are steps below on how to process the zoom app download;

Download for Android

  • Open your Google play or app store
  • Locate the app for download using the search bar
  • Click on the app from the result gotten
  • Tap on the install or get button to download.

Download Zoom Cloud Meeting Apk for Desktop

  • Visit the Zoom app download website which domain name is zoom.us/download
  • Click on the Zoom meeting app download button
  • Download would begin automatically
  • After download is complete, install the app

The zoom app download steps for desktop apply to all devices which include PC, Mac, and Linux. There are however different types of Zoom app available on the download website. Therefore, you should choose whichever app you want to download. But for Zoom meetings, you should choose the Zoom meeting apk for download. After download, you can now host or join a meeting to start a meeting on Zoom.