YouTube Video App – Video Sharing Mobile App

YouTube App – Video and Music App For Mobile
YouTube has been able to include everyone and all mobile platforms in its YouTube mobile app frenzy. There are situations whereby you are far away from your windows laptop or Mac Book and you feel the urgent need to watch a video or upload a video on your YouTube channel. But you can’t because you need a PC and a web browser to do so.

YouTube App

YouTube app is the next best thing to solve this peculiar problem. The essence of this article is to help you learn how to use the YouTube app on your mobile device. To able to use the YouTube app one has to first have the app on his device be it an android, iPhone or windows.

YouTube App for iPhone

For iPhone users who wish to have the YouTube application on their iPhone should go to the apple app store to download it. To download the YouTube app IOS version on your iPhone or iPad device, go to the apple app store at

IOS device users should be aware that the application will only work for IOS 8.0 and above. One unique feature about YouTube iPhone app is that it supports the iPhone iMessage feature. It also allows you to remove videos which are in your YouTube playlist by just swiping.

YouTube App for Android

YouTube users are able to have the YouTube app on their android. To be able to download YouTube app on your android device visit Google play and search for the app. Android users should note that the YouTube application will only work on android 4.0 and above.

A unique feature of YouTube app for android is that it allows its users adjust the speed of the video playback. It does this by including a new player control which is available on all recent android YouTube update. You also get to see the new YouTube logo which has just been recently updated.

Features of YouTube App

YouTube app lets you access YouTube account when you are on the move. That’s one of the main reason one should have YouTube app. Here are some features of the application:

  1. On the home screen, you are able to view YouTube videos which are recommended to you based on your history and location.
  2. You get to view videos you have watched before on your library tab.
  3. On the trending tab, you have the chance to view all the popular videos which is trending in location.
  4. You also get to see videos from YouTube channel which you have subscribed to. To have access to this click on the subscription tab.
  5. You also get the chance to upload your YouTube videos using the app.
  6. With the new YouTube update, you can also edit the YouTube video you want to upload to your YouTube channel.

To be able to download YouTube for android you must be 12 yrs. and above. While on YouTube for iPhone you must be 17 years and above to be able to download YouTube app.

How to Upload YouTube Videos Using YouTube App for Android iPhone and Windows.

Being able to access YouTube upload using YouTube app for Android is relatively easy but first one has to have the YouTube application on his device. If the YouTube mobile app is not already on the device one can install it by searching for it on Google Play. Once one has found it, you can install it on your device as long as it runs on android 4.0 and above. Here are a few easy steps to upload YouTube videos using the YouTube app;

  1. The very first step one has to take to upload videos on YouTube with the YouTube app is to sign in to your YouTube channel.
  2. Click on the camera icon. The camera icon can be found on either the home page or the profile page. So choose the one that is convenient for you.
  3. To upload a YouTube video, you can either record a new video or select from your phone gallery. To record a new video, click on the camera button which can be found on the top center.
  4. Once you have selected the video, you can enhance the video using the edit button loc acted at the top right corner of the page.
  5. Once you are done with the step 4 above, next you will have to give your video a title.
  6. After the video has been named, you will be required to describe the video properly.
  7. Next step is to set the privacy setting. You can either set the privacy settings at either public, unlisted or private.
  8. Once you done with the above steps, click upload.

Signing in to your YouTube channel using your Google account, you have to use the Google account address used to create the YouTube channel.

How to Change Upload Connections Using YouTube App for Android iPhone and Windows

If you will like to change the connection used to upload YouTube videos, you can choose between WIFI network or mobile network. Here are steps to change the connection;

  1. Click on the profile on the YouTube account icon.
  2. You will be able to see the YouTube app settings. Click on it.
  3. Next click on upload. There you will be able to change the connection used for uploading YouTube videos.

When setting the privacy you should be aware that public allows your videos to be viewed by anyone who searched for it on YouTube. Unlisted allows anyone YouTube user who has the link to the video to be able to view the video. Whereas, private allows only you to view the videos you upload on your YouTube channel. The date and time for each YouTube uploads is based on Pacific Specific Time (PST)