Yelp App – How to Download the Yelp App on your Device

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What is the yelp app all about and what is it used for? Yelp app is used to discover local businesses online ranging from restaurants, hairdressers, spas, gas stations, bars, and cafes. Yelp is a social platform that encourages users to provide written reviews, star ratings, and images of their experiences with businesses. However, Each Yelp account has a friends list that may be filled out by connecting the app to Facebook. Not only that but also the address book on a Smartphone or tablet. Other users can leave reviews on Yelp, and popular users may be upgraded to Yelp Elite status.

Furthermore, Yelp app results are categorized by geographical location, price range, and unique characteristics like outdoor seating, delivery service, and the capability to accept reservations. If you’ve ever looked up restaurant reviews on the internet, you’ve probably come across Yelp. It’s where a lot of folks go when they want to eat. Nonetheless, Users can download the Yelp app on their Android through the Google play store and your IOS device through the app store. Meanwhile, with the app, you can get important user feedback by just exploring them on your mobile device after downloading them.

How Does Yelp App Work

Amazingly, the app works in such a way that you can search for the places by business type and the results are shown to you by the location geographically, range of prices, and their unique features for example outdoor seating, delivery service, or even the ability to accept reservations. Additionally, as it has been stated earlier, Yelp is a social platform that encourages users to provide written reviews, star ratings, and images of their interactions with businesses.

What Does The Yelp Apk Do?

Interestingly, the Yelp app uses subscriber material to deliver fairly credible information about companies. However, the type of information it presents in a reduced style is perfect for mobile users looking for quick answers, suggestions, and directions.

How to Write A Yelp Review On Your Mobile

Nevertheless, writing a review on the Yelp app is equal to posting on the website. Therefore, there are a few changes to be aware of. Check below on how you can review the yelp app.

  • In the search bar, search for the name of the business you want to review and click on it
  • Choose to start a review
  • Click on the rate if you see five grayed-out star icons to rate the business five stars
  • Choose the star icon to see another previous icon after typing your review on yelp
  • To attach photos, choose a camera
  • To record a new image from the app click on take photo or select from an existing photo
  • Click on next after choosing the photo you want to add
  • Click on next, after you type a short description of the photo’s content
  • Make any final work to your review as needed. By repeating the procedures above, you can upload more photos. Select Post Review when you’re finished.

Your Yelp review should now be shown on the company’s page. However, your photo will need to be verified before it can be published. This may take a whole day.

How to Add A Business To Yelp App

On Yelp, it can be difficult to find the appropriate business listing. Maybe the business moved, or maybe it is still not included in Yelp’s list. Fortunately, anyone can create a new Yelp business. This is how you can do it with the Yelp app.

  • Click on the more icon after opening the yelp app
  • choose to add business
  • Select If you work for this company or are the owner, I work there as well. We’ll believe you’re a customer checking in and reviewing a place for these steps, so choose I’m a customer.
  • on the business, you want to add, fill in much information as you can
  • When you’re done, click Send. If your new business submission is approved, it should appear within one to two days on the Yelp applications and website.

A new business application is not assured to be accepted by Yelp. Human approval of each application can take up to two days. However, it may be denied if some of the material is wrong.

How to Download Yelp App

Downloading the yelp app on your mobile device is very easy. Meanwhile, you do not need an expert to do that. Check below on how you can download the app

  • visit your Google play store for android and apple store for IOS devices
  • search for the yelp app in the search bar
  • Click on the install icon

The app will immediately start downloading on your mobile device either your android or iOS device with no hidden charges.