Yahoomail – Free Email With 1TB | is basically known as one of the biggest email web platforms of all time. This is a subsidiary of Yahoo which is the parent company. happens to be the email platform for all other Yahoo products. This is regarded as a web mailing platform which is available electronically. is said to be the 3rd largest platform for sending and receiving email messages in the world. The user can get access to their four email plans that give users a better user experience when using the email service. The four different plan on are:

  • Basic.
  • Plus.
  • AD Free.
  • Business.

This is the plan that is open to all user both for personal and business use. You can start sending and receiving emails when you sign up to one of these plans. Here on this article, I will be talking about how users can set up their account and make full use of the services that are available on web portal. What You Need to Know

Getting to Know more about this platform there is a free plan which is the basics for every user who wants to make use of to send emails. This plan has s adverts display by the side of every basic users email inbox. allocate a 1TB storage space and Email attachment of up to 25 MB.

Users also have kept their account active user who has their account inactive for a period of 12 will be disabled and can not be retrieved. is a very protective platform that secures and protect each user la account against spam email and virus. plus/AD free version is a paid version whereby users have to pay a fee of $50 which is the one time set up fee. A user will have to pay $20 year to enjoy the plus plan on platform. There are some other features like no account expiration and lots more when you subscribe to the plus plan.

How to Access Yahoomail Web Portal

Most users have been hearing about this email service for a long time and don’t even know how they can possibly access or make use of the platform. Well, am happy to let you know that you can either make use of mobile app or visit the platform using a web browser.

If you are making use of a web browser the web address is make sure you enter it properly in the address bar section.The mobile app gives you quick access to your inbox where a user can see and read incoming emails. The app automatically syncs all emails directly as it’s been received to the users mobile phone. It keeps your account updated with all activities going on in your account.

The web has been the longtime use way of visiting this platform. Either you are a mobile phone user or PC user you can access the platform from your web browser. Just launch your browser and enter in the address bar section and hit the enter key.

The web gives you a  wider view of your email inbox and all other section you need to visit. Using a mobile app you may not be able to access some features you need to make use of the web platform. If you don’t have an account you can sign up right from the app or visit and hit the sign up icon to set up your account. Sign Up Process sign up is strictly for new users who don’t have an account and want to set up an account. You can sign up with the app as there is an option for new user. Users who make use of PC can also sign up using the web platform as there is no restrictions in as much you are above the required age limit.

  1. If you are using a web browser enter at the URL top section.
  2. Click on the sign up icon which gives you access to create an account any time you click on it.
  3. Fill in all the required information such as name, Email address, password, mobile phone number, date of birth, and click on the continue icon.

Once you complete the next section your account is fully set up. You can always login into to your account at any time. Enjoy full mailing experience when you start sending and receiving email messages to your inbox.

How to Send Email Messages on

Communication is no made so easy as users no longer have to wait for some days to get a mail. With just a click you get the email right to your inbox. You can also send email messages to others email in just one click.

  1. In other to send email messages on you need to visit the portal either using a web browser or Mobile App.
  2. You need to sign up for an account if you don’t have one or login if you already have an account.
  3. Click on compose icon at the top left section. If you are using app there is a pen icon at the lower right corner. Click on it to open the compose menu.
  4. Enter the recipient email address and the subject of the messages. Note that you can send to more than one email address at once.
  5. Type your message and when you are done click on send icon to send the message to the recipient.

You can also receive messages from other users who have entered your email address correctly in the message section. Once users send you a message it will be delivered straight to your inbox. You can also see your sent messages on the sent section next to inbox at the left side on page.