Yahoo Web Search – Yahoo Search Engine

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Do you know that you can also search for images, video, picture and other contents using the Yahoo web search or perhaps do you know that Yahoo has a web search? However, whether or not you know about the search web search, you can learn more about the platform. On the contrary, the Yahoo web search is actually a search engine just like the Google search where you can get different search results on contents there are looking for.

Yahoo Web Search - Yahoo Search Engine

Moreover, there are two different platforms in which the Yahoo search appears, one is the Yahoo search app, and the other is what we are talking about the search. Initially, Yahoo was the number one search giant back in the 1990s but currently, it has been overridden by Google. The platform is now the second largest search engine on the web where people use to find content. However, the web search engine provides you with the right information you need to clear your doubts or find solutions to your issue.

Overview Features of the Yahoo Web Search Engine on Web Browser

Being the second largest search engine in the world today, the feature was originally known as Yahoo-provided interface which it showcases Yahoo Web Search results in its searchable index of pages which is resulted from the Yahoo directory. In other words, the search result is been showcased to people that search for content under the directory of the website. This comprises of collective detail from the web which is been done by Yahoo itself.

In other words, the introduction of the search engine is accessible in different locations. Plus, the search homepage allows you to know your location and also the weather forecast. Countries like Yahoo web search USA and others have the privilege to use make use of the search engine. With the use of the Yahoo directory, you can easily search for content with ease. You can also search for videos (Yahoo video search), people (Yahoo people search and others.

How to use the Search Engine on Yahoo Web Browser

On the contrary, the Yahoo web browser can also regard as the Yahoo Web Search but in a different concept. But the platform works handle-in-handle to provide you with the required details you need. To search for contents:

  • On your web browser open a new tab
  • On the address bar enter
  • Type in the keyword of the content you want to search for on the search bar.
  • Then click the search bar.
  • Then it will redirect to the search result index page.

However, you can advance your search to the content you’re looking for by selecting other search categories like Images, Videos, News or more. This will provide you with a deeper search thereby taking you directly to the contents.