Yahoo Mail Sign Up give users access to create a new Yahoo Mail Account. This is the very first process that needs to be done to enable all users to have access to this great email platform. You might be wondering what Yahoo Mail Sign Up process entails when you hit on the sign up icon.

Yahoo Mail Sign Up - Yahoo Mail Login

There is no basic requirements once you are above the age limit. Yahoo Mail Sign Up is here to get you started with the email platform. If you have been used to email platform you must have noticed that this is one of the top email service providers then you don’t want to miss out from. Let’s take a look at the Yahoo Mail Sign Up requirements.

Yahoo Mail Sign Up Requirements

It’s good that you know what you need to create a new account on this platform before you start the Sign Up process. If you are looking out for the right email service provider try out Yahoo Mail Sign Up by signing up for a new email account.

Users who want to sign up for an account needs to have either a mobile device or PC that is internet connected. This is a web platform and user needs an internet enabled device such as Android, iOS or Windows smartphone that supports Yahoo Mail App.

You can also make use of any web browser such as Safari, Mozilla, Google Chrome, Opera, and much more. A user can simply enter the web address in the address bar section on any of the preferred web browsers. Let’s take you through the Yahoo Mail Sign Up process.

Yahoo Mail Sign Up – Create an Email Account

In other to create a new Email Account your personal information is required to complete the Yahoo Mail Sign Up process. User are rest assured that their personal information is safe and will not be share out in any form. Most time personal information like mobile number, name are use for verification porpoises.

If you want to set up a new account and you already have all the above listed in place. You can follow the below step in other to sign up for a new email account just make sure your internet connection it works.

  1. Launch your preferred web browser with in the address section for URL.
  2. Click ok the Sign Up icon next to where you see “Don’t have an account? Sign up”
  3. Enter your first name and second name in booth section. Note that the next section is where you will enter your email ID.
  4. Enter your email address which has the extension by default. That your email ID you can always use in the Yahoo Mail Login section.
  5. Enter your preferred password and select your country on the mobile number section. A verification message will be sent to your mobile number.
  6. Select your date of birth and gender then click on the continue icon to proceed.

The final step is the verification process where you will be sent a confirmation code. Once you enter the confirmation code correctly your account is fully signed up. This put you on the compilation of Yahoo Mail sign up process.

Why You Need Yahoo Mail Sign Up

Signing up for an account on this email platform gives you full access to send and also receive emails. You can simply send messages, media files, and any other electronic file you can think of in as much it’s not above the file size limit.

If you have set up your account please note the information you entered why signing up. This is because the information will be used to login to your account using the password and your Yahoo Mail ID. This is some confidential information that you must not forget or share with anyone. But you can always share your Yahoo Mail ID with the user who you want to have your contact. It’s just like your mobile contact.