Yahoo Mail Log in with Facebook: The Yahoo Mail is one of the oldest platform service providers of all platforms. This is an American platform that offers the best service on the web-based email service to all users. This platform media service enables users to easily send and receive email messages. The yahoo mail platform is a popular service called official mailing platform for yahoo.

However, using the yahoo mail official Facebook page this provides a way for you to check your email while using Facebook. You can like Yahoo to Facebook in other for you to be able to expand your Smart Contacts, as well as your Facebook, features like photos and status updates. This also give you the privilege to access the option to import your Facebook contacts to Yahoo Mail. The yahoo provided the convenience of allowing all users to log in to Facebook directly from the yahoo mail page.

Yahoo Mail Log In With Facebook

However, in other to perform the procedures of the Yahoo Mail Log In With Facebook, note that the feature isn’t available. But you can use your Facebook account instead to install or connect to the Yahoo mail app download page. For instance, when you visit the Facebook platform, you can easily get connected to the Yahoo Mail app to install it on your devices. Therefore when you successfully connect the account, there are some benefits that are linked to that which is stated below.

The yahoo mail is more than just another online email provider; it’s an online company with specific advantages over other online companies. Although one advantage of connecting your account gives you instant messages from your Yahoo Mail page, you have the option to install Yahoo Messenger on your computer and mobile phone. Once the feature is set, you can easily chat with others via voice and webcam. Also, Messenger supports SMS and IM, as well as sharing photos or large files with friends & family.

How to Connect your Yahoo Mail to Facebook

However, you are connecting your yahoo mail with your Facebook account and it effectively expands your yahoo contact list Using Yahoo Mail’s official Facebook page, use the provided “App” feature to access your mail. Here is the step to follow to connect your yahoo mail to Facebook.

  • Launch Facebook and log in to your account.
  • Type “Yahoo Mail” in the search box and then press “Enter” to display the “Yahoo Mail” page. If you do not see this page, click the “Pages” option under the search box so that the Yahoo Mail page appears at the top of the list.
  • Click the “Use App” button enclosed in the Yahoo Mail page box and then click the “Sign In” box to access the “Yahoo Login” page. Alternately, click the “Yahoo Mail” page name, and then click the “Use App” button to access this feature directly on Yahoo’s page.
  • Click your email address if it displays on the page. Alternately, click the “Add Account” button to specify the Yahoo email account you want to access.
  • Enter your login details when prompted and then click the “Sign In” button to view your email account as normal.

However, in the past yahoo provided the convenience of allowing users to log in to Facebook directly from the yahoo mail page. Yahoo no longer offers this service so as to provide a number of improvements.