How can I go about the Yahoo Mail log in? Our last previous article talks about the Yahoo Mail sign in, thereby giving you the step on how to sign in to your Yahoo email account. However, there is no difference between the Yahoo mail login and the Yahoo Mail sign in. The Mail login or Mail sign in authenticates access to your email account by providing the necessary email login credential that includes email address and password. The same process you use to sign in to your email account also applies to the Yahoo Mail login.

The email service provider offers members with different platform in which they can sign in to their email account. In other words, with the mobile phone via the Yahoo Mail app, you can log in to your email account. Plus, with the Yahoo mail official website, you can also sign in to your account on the desktop. The requirement to sign in to Yahoo Mail requires users that’ve gone through the Yahoo sign up process. Meaning that you need to be an active member before you can sign in to Yahoo email account.

How to Sign in to Yahoo Mail on Computer 

Just like I mentioned, sign in to Yahoo mail on the computer requires an internet connection to set up your email account on the computer. Without wasting much time, you need to set up your computer in other to sign in to your email account. hence, use the following step to login to Yahoo Mail.

  • Open the web browser on your computer.
  • Next, copy and paste the URL to access the sign in page.
  • In other to continue the sign in process, enter your email address and password.
  • Lastly, click Sign in.

Likewise, install and download the Yahoo mail app on your mobile device to sign in to your email account. The yahoo mail app can be gotten from the Google Play Store or iOS App Store to sign in to your mobile app for more convenience.

Can’t log in to Yahoo Mail Account

On the contrary, if you’re wondering why can’t I log in to my yahoo mail account either on the mobile phone or on desktop. There are several issues why you can’t sign in to your email account. some includes the following:

  • Incorrect Password: in case you experience the term “Incorrect Password’. You can click on the option “Forgot Password?” and reset your password.
  • Incorrect Email: if you can’t remember your email address or you forgot your User ID, you can click Forgot User ID.
  • You can also update your Yahoo Mail app or install the latest version of the Yahoo Mail app.
  • Likewise, you can update the web browser you’re using to sign in to your email account.

In case you still can’t access your email account you can visit the Yahoo help center to see more information concerning issues that might relate to the problem you’re facing. However, for users that, have a blocked notification on their account, you can’t recover your account anyone.

Is Logging In To Yahoo Mail Safe?

Yes, logging in to your Yahoo Mail on your mobile device or your desktop is free. Once you log in, you can enjoy all of its amazing features for free. It is free to download therefore, you do not need to make any payment when signing up or downloading the app on your devices. You can use the Yahoo Mail app and website on any device for free and your desktop is not an exception.