How to Install Yahoo Mail App: On the contrary, there are two types of email app on the internet, one is the personal app, and the other is the multi email app. The Yahoo mail app falls under the multi-email app which means you can sign in with different email account under one application. However, the Yahoo Mail app is one of the best multi-email apps that’s is ever created. Therefore, in the article, we will show you the simple steps you can use on how to install the yahoo mail app on your iPhone and Android device.

Yahoo Mail - How to Install Yahoo Mail App | Login Yahoo Mail

Furthermore, one of the interesting factors about the mail application includes the ability given to email account owners to access and control their multiple email account. The application is referred to all-in-on email app which consists of integrated email server such as Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, AOL Mail, and not forgotten, signing in with your Yahoo account. Under this app, you can have the following email account logged in into one app to help you organize all your mailboxes.

How to Install Yahoo Email App on my iPhone

There is a difference in the installation of the Yahoo Mail app from the Android device. You don’t need to install the application because the app comes with iOS devices. The means the app is built-in alongside the iPhone, you can just sign in your account.

  • From your iOS device, navigate the settings.
  • Click on Account & Password from the phone setting.
  • Click Add Account and next you can click Yahoo.

As you can see the Yahoo Mail application is already installed on the app, for that reason, you don’t need to install the application again. After location the email icon, you can then sign in your email account as well as your account password. Lastly, click the “Sign in” icon and you can sync all your contact from your iOS device and click Save.

Download the Yahoo Mail App on Android Device

Just as I mentioned during the introduction of the installation of the Yahoo email app on the iPhone, the concepts are different on the Android device. Unlike the iPhone whereby the application is already installed. On the Android device, you have to go through the process of downloading the app. Simply:

  • Open the Google Play Store.
  • Click on the search bar.
  • Type the keyword “Yahoo App”.
  • Then, click the search icon
  • Click the Yahoo icon.
  • Click Install.

You have to wait for some minutes for the installation of the Yahoo Mail application to load icon to completely. You can process by opening the application, sign in your email account using your login details, and finally, check your unread emails. However, click the link to learn how to access the Yahoo mail sign out