Yahoo Mail Create Account: If you ask me what is the best free email account in the world today that’s best fits for businesses. Well, currently there are hundreds of email service providers out in the world for free making it difficult to select from. But currently, there is three most substantial email provider which includes Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, and Yahoo Mail. On the other hand, Yahoo Mail appears to be the third leading email service provider with a capacity of occupying over 225 million active monthly users which appear to be an online email provider.

Yahoo Mail has been in existence for over 20 years now, as an email client and was formally the top leading email provider. But, the platform has lost its spot to Gmail and become the third leading web-based email service provider in the world. Right now, the Yahoo Mail create account or Yahoo mail sign up is accessible and it’s still free to anyone who wants to create an account or join the new update server of the email platform.

Features of Yahoo Mail Create Account

First of all, one exciting aspect of the platform is that it’s a free email service provider rightfully owned by Yahoo. To create yahoo account offers you a whopping storage capacity of 1 TB in other for your storage files to be insufficient. Others also include:

  • Special messaging features like GIFs and others from the section of creating an email.
  • Awesome theme for you to use in other to beautiful your entire background as well as the color scheme of the website.
  • Supports the concepts of import contacts from your device manager and other third parties like Gmail, Facebook or Outlook.
  • You can easily access calendars and also create an event by setting the event on reminders.

However, these are not the only feature, there are lots of amazing feature and integrated service New, Sport, Cricket, Lifestyle and many more. Therefore, you can set up an account right now with the assistance of the steps below.

How to Create a Free Yahoo Email Account

You’re freely entitled to set up an account anytime you want and you don’t need to pay for any email service or the other to create an account. However, what you need in other to complete the Yahoo Mail create an account is simple. Just with the following steps, to create new Yahoo account:

  • Click on the link and immediately, it will redirect you to the login panel. 
  • To continue the process, click “Create account” you see from the main page.
  • Complete the registration process by providing the following:
  • First name and Last name
  • Create a new email address
  • Password
  • Country code and Phone number
  • Birth month, day, and Year
  • Then lastly click the blue “Continue” icon.

Before you can start using the platform, you’ll be sent a message to your mobile phone known as verification code. We that verification code, you need to verify your account by typing in the code on the verification bar. Finally, you will be welcomed to Yahoo Mail and other services that are been offered.