Yahoo Mail App: Are you looking for how you can organize all your messages or mail sent to your email to a particular folder? Or perhaps you want a convenient software that allows you to access your Yahoo Mail at the go? Here comes the free Yahoo Mail app, one of the third most acquire email applications on the internet that allows email owners o access new messages, view events, calendars, and other services offered by Yahoo on your mobile phone anywhere, anytime.

Yahoo Mail App - Download Yahoo Mail App for Android & iPhone | Yahoo Mail App Download

Installing the Yahoo Mail app on your Android or iOS device make messaging easier than on the web platform. By making life easier, you can access the Yahoo Mail App download anywhere in the world due to the convenience of your mobile phone. Since you can’t carry your PC or Laptop around to check new messages or the latest new. But with your mobile phone in your pocket or handbag, you can get updated even while in the toilet or bathroom. Learn the steps to install and download Yahoo Mail app for Android and iPhone devices.

How to Install Yahoo Mail App on my iPhone?

Basically, all iOS devices are integrated with pre-installed email application and Yahoo Mail is actually one of them. The Yahoo Mail app is left untouched and can’t perform some of the advanced services of the email server including managing folders, themes, as well as your account info.  But adding your account detail allows you to access the advanced features.

  • From your iOS device setting, click on Account & Password.
  • Next, you can click on the option, Add Account from the setting menu.
  • On the login panel, you can enter your email address and password.
  • Finally, click Sign in.

In other ways, in case you’re able to find the Yahoo email application, you can simply, visit your apple app store. Moreover, the application is now available on the App store for every iOS devices, and from there you can install the application.

How to Install the Yahoo Mail App in Android Device

Since, we’ve successfully installed the application on iOS devices, for those that are on the Android device you aren’t left out. You can as well get the application working on your device with some few minutes. In other to install Yahoo app;

  • From your android device, visit the Google Play store app.
  • In the search bar type the focus keyword “Yahoo mail”.
  • Next to the application, you want to install click the installation button.
  • Afterward, the app permission dialog box pops-up, you can then appear the terms.

Once that’s completed the rest is history, from the application not only access your sign in your yahoo mail account but other email providers. Like you can access your Gmail account, AOL Mail, and also Microsoft Outlook.