On the contrary, Yahoo is still one of the best international email service providers even as losing its top stop to Gmail. The email service is accessible to over 50 international countries which provide mean of communicating easily. Yahoo India is one of the locations where the email provider is available. People in that particular country have access to open an email account in other to send and receive messages, as well as use it for other specification that requires the provision of an email address.

Yahoo India - How to Set up an India Yahoo Mail Account

Signing up for an email account, talking about people that live in India, the offer you to enjoy every service offered by Yahoo Including Yahoo News India, Sports, and other services. Not only that from the Team Yahoo India, but you also can’t miss out on anything whereby you get latest updates on Finance, Entertainment & Lifestyle, Movies, Travel, Weather reports, and lots which you can only see on India.  

Overview Features of the India Email Service Provider

Moreover, most of the features are already mentioned above. But in other to understand the service offers for Indian using the email service provider, you can stay connected within this line. Here are some of the Yahoo mail India feature:

  • Yahoo India Cricket: you can get the latest happing within the world of cricket and know what’s happening during the last games.
  • Yahoo India News: get news about the recent attack in some countries and also other on features.
  • India Yahoo Finance: see the recent value on BTC, and how the stock exchange date seems to have an effect on the economy of the state.
  • Yahoo Lifestyle: see recent post or update from your favorite celebrity, health and also beauty & fashion.

There are still other amazing features hidden once you access the account, you’ll be able to unlock them. However, opening an account is free and you don’t need to make payment in other to create an email account.

How to Set up an India Yahoo Mail Account

However, there is no difference between the email address in the US to the email address in India. All email address or account are the same and can be used anywhere in the world has long as there’s an internet connection.

  • Go to the official Yahoo India website www.in.yahoo.com
  • Once you access the play you will see an icon at the top right of the page of the India flag
  • At the same time, click the “Sign in” icon.
  • Click you can click Create an account.

From the sign-up portal you can fill out the entire details you see on each text box which will help you in registering for your yahoo email address. Afterward, click Continue and that verify the phone number you provided to identify that it’s really your own.