Yahoo Image Search – Reverse Image Search on Yahoo

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How do you search on Yahoo using Images? However, I once discover this feature on Google, where you can use the image of someone to find the person through different platforms. Surprisingly, most results always appear on Facebook. Now Yahoo search has its own feature which is commonly referred to as Yahoo Image Search. Meanwhile, the application of the search is similar to that of the Google Image search. But a little bit different from the way you search. Moreover, the Yahoo image search is a fresh-looking search engine that provided you with results. The result is not on the text index but in images similar to your search keyword.

Initially, Yahoo search comprises different types of search features in which people can make use of in other to narrowly navigate their search result easily. The Yahoo image search is practically one of those features and what makes the feature fascinating is that the result results are only based on images. Hence, you are trying to find a picture of one of your favorite celebrities, you can go for the Yahoo Image Search as long as you know the name.

Features Yahoo Image

Basically, image search on Yahoo gives you the ability to search for content which then results in images based on what your type. For instance, if you searching for “Emmanuel” images related to that search word will appear. Plus, you can click on the images in other to direct you to the original link of the image. The image search homepage is designed with features like:

  • Color: you can apply color features to your search to visualize your idea.
  • Size: also use the size filter to add more text to your search.
  • Type; based on now be able to identify the image, you can use “photo, graphics, Gif and Faces,

Perhaps, you are looking for images for your blog or YouTube channel and you don’t want it to be copyright content. You can make use of the filter with the dropdown arrow at the top of the page to select a variety of filters.

How do I do a Reverse Image Search?

With the like of Google, you can reverse images. This means you can use images to find people or particular content. Nevertheless, Yahoo doesn’t reverse image search, another application in which you can use to indirectly reverse your image search is by adding a filter:

  • Simply use the URL
  • Type the name of what you want to search for.
  • Use the filter as mentioned above to your content search to navigate the origin.

However, this is the only application in which you can make use of the Yahoo reverse image search. Also, in other to make use of the real-time reverse image, you need to go through the Google image search.  That makes you can reverse image search to find the main source of the content.