Yahoo Business Listing – How to create your Business Listing

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Do you want a local business or do you want your business to be showcase probably so that customers will be able to search for you? On the contrary, Yahoo has gone far beyond just an email service provider or providing news content. Earlier this year, Yahoo announced joining the line of business marketing known as the Yahoo Small Business. Where people can promote their brands, especially small or local businesses. Yahoo business listing is service of the Yahoo small business offers to local businesses in other to build their brands under the platform.

Yahoo Business Listing - How to create your Business Listing

On the contrary, Yahoo still remains one of the domain names in which you can drive traffic. On the internet, to your business based on the fact, over 200 million users visit the site. For that reason, local business can start with the yahoo business listing as one the greatest means of driving traffic to your business. Creating a business listing or Yahoo local listing actually helps to improve the search engine of your business on your website. It also helps to encourage customer service, boosts online sales and lots more.

Why is Yahoo Business Listing Important for Business?

One major importance of the Yahoo Business Listing is that it offers various kinds of traffic you can get for your business to the represented online. Currently, over 50% of local searches tap into the platform to search for results. Moreover, many people are actually searching businesses of your type. Hence listing your business on the Yahoo small business helps to showcase your business details to millions of people online.

  • Stand out online: allows you to stand out from other businesses by providing information on various platforms such as social media. Also search engines, Google maps, location, and more. This also helps you to enhance your list in other to showcase your business to new customers to search for your business.
  • Reports and competitive intelligence: get insight on how well your business is improving with actionable reports. Track what platform gives you traffic the most and more.
  • Build a relationship with customers: another thing you need to know about it helps you build a strong relationship with your customers.

In other words, when you create or join the business listing, it helps boost your search engine on various platforms. Also, increase your conversion both online or offline. Learn how you can start the Yahoo free business listing.

How to Create a Yahoo Free Business Listing

Unfortunately, creating a Yahoo local business listing can’t be done on the main site. But with the help of a third party, you can easily create your business listing. Currently, they join forces with Yext where you can create and control your business listing from anywhere:

  • You can simply visit the Yahoo Yext website portal
  • On the homepage, you need to scan your listings by filling out the forms.
  • Afterward, confirm the information provided for the success of your account creation.

Then you ‘ll be redirected to a landing page where you need to view the various paid plans. From that onset, you will be able to submit your new business listing. Keeping in mind, you can create a free Yahoo local but updating the platform requires a payment plan.