Why You Should Advertise on Facebook – Advertise on FB

Why you should advertise on Facebook: let redirect the question to why should I advertise my business on Facebook. Nowadays, one of the leading means of creating awareness for your business, product, or brands is through the use of digital advertising platforms. Meanwhile, Businesses make less use of traditional means of advertising which includes using the Billboard, post paper, tv shows, radio, and others. Moreover, digital advertising is now a global leading means of advertising and Facebook ads are one of the top best digital advertising platforms.

Why You Should Advertise on Facebook - Advertise on FB

In the meantime, the question of why you should advertise on Facebook or need to advertise on Facebook has to do with the activeness of the platform. Currently, the number of account users on Facebook is approximately 2.3 billion that visit the platform every month. Facebook adverting is one of the best online advertising sources you can use to grow your business and also reach out to the best potential audiences to engage in your ads. Meanwhile, we have listed some of the reasons why you should advertise your business on Facebook.

Why you should Advertise on Facebook- Benefits of Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising is considered one of the smart choices for businesses to advertise their products to millions of people at a faster speed. However, whether, you own a small business or a large business scale, the platform is made accessible to both parties.

Anyone can advertise:

Just like I mentioned, everyone entitles to advertise their business on Facebook. You can get started by creating a business page and also begin to use the Facebook advertiser tools to reach the main objective of your business.

Simple setup:

Setting up an advertising placement on Facebook is very simple. All the advertising tools are modified to your own understanding. As well you can also access other tools guide to help you with the process. Also, the required Business Page can be set up while using the advertising tool.

Your audience is on Facebook

What most businesses look for is a platform where they can get the right audience or customers. While using Facebook advertising tools you can actually specify the type of audience you want to see your ad among 2.3 billion people on Facebook.

Ads tailored to your specific goals

Moreover, the advertising tools offer a wide angle of advertising objectives that best fit your business. These objectives are goals you want to achieve on your advertising placement. For instance, if want to meet or drive traffic, you can use the traffic objective.

Simple ad solutions

After creating the placement of your ad, there are certain free tools offered in which you can use to monitor the performance of your adverts. Plus, you can use special features such as Boosted Posts, Page ad, Promote call-to-action button and more.

Why you should Advertise on Facebook – How to Start Advertising

First of all, Facebook Ads is a paid service that requires a payment method in other to start advertising your business. The requirement includes a Facebook profile account, business page or personal page, and some video or images of your business.

To start advertising:

  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • At the top of the page, click Create and select the option Ad.
  • Next, you’ll be redirected to the advertising tools page.
  • On the advertising creator page, you can browse over the advertising objective.
  • Then you require to select only one objective and then fill out the requirement.

However, all you need to do, read through the text and ensure all the empty boxes completely filled. Then you can add a payment to your ads, and click Order. Note: the advertisement you created will be placed under review. In other to check if it goes against the advertising and Facebook policy or not.