WhatsApp Business is a free social media business app that is used to share reviews and message your business partners and also customers. Social media marketing is currently making the wave on the internet whereby a lot of popular businesses have started making the use of social marketing to advertise their services to their customers, and also generate new customers. Meanwhile, this WhatsApp Business also known as WhatsApp marketing is a new option for small businesses to stay connected with their customers.

WhatsApp Business - How to Use WhatsApp Business App | WhatsApp Business Download

Furthermore, WhatsApp Business free meeting app is created for android and iOS users such that it can also be accessed on a PC without the availability of a phone via the WhatsApp web business. It has now been easy for everybody to advertise their business product of this app by posting the product on their status. But to start enjoying and posting on the marketing platform. You have to open a business account and then you can start enjoying the interesting fact about the marketing platform.

Features of WhatsApp Business

In the meantime, on the WhatsApp Business app, users can share images, documents, files, and so on in which it won’t require any changes or installing any app. Also, the business account WhatsApp is not only meant for businesses. Users can also get the app in other to get in touch with new and existing customers.

WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Business web simply means you can log in on any PC or laptop. But before users can log in their business account on a PC Browser or laptop browser. The business account owner’s mobile phone must be active. If not, the platform will not function well on any other attempt to log in to another PC device

Group Chat

On creating a business account, users have the access to create or join a group chat where thousand of users get to communicate with each other in just one chat

WhatsApp Business Voice and Video call:

With WhatsApp marketing, communicating with friends through either Voice call or Video call is very easy and safe. So far, if their internet access on the device you are using, starting a voice call or a video call is very easy.

To start enjoying these up-listed interesting features of marketing on WhatsApp. You have to create a WhatsApp Business account so you can be one of the applicants.

How to Create a WhatsApp Business Account

Creating a business account is very easy, fast, and safe. Meanwhile, on creating a marketing account, make sure you have a valid phone number and an android mobile phone. If not, you won’t be able to create a business account. So, steps on how to download WhatsApp Business will be listed below

  1. To get started, kindly download the WhatsApp Business App from the Google play store or Apple app store.
  2. Create your account first using your mobile number.
  3. Fill out your profile info and add a profile picture

Note that, a multiple WhatsApp business account cannot be signed in on one app and the app cannot be download twice. So, in this case, users cannot create two accounts. WhatsApp Business is the best social communication marketing app in the world and it can be used anywhere from all over the world. Meanwhile, navigating through the WhatsApp marketing app is very easy without following any additional instructions.