WAEC Result 2017/2018 – Waecdirect Online Result Checker

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How to Check 2017 May/June WAEC Result  Online
The just concluded 2017 WAEC in Nigeria which is the West Africa Senior Schools Certification Exam. Results for the May/June WASSCE is out as candidates who sit for the exam can now check their result online.

WAEC Result

If you have not been able to check your WAEC result you can do so now. It was said that 59% of the students who sit for the exam were able to get a minimum of five credit in five subjects this includes Maths and English language. The Exam also took place in four West Africa Country.

Lots of candidates who sit for the exam has been asking when will the result be out. How will they possibly check their WAEC result to know how many credits they have? I know most of this candidates their parents must have waited enough. You can now check your WAEC result on the official WAEC Direct Online Result Checker Portal.

What You Need To Check Your WAEC Result 2017 Online

Most candidates just think they can check their result as soon as they visit the WAEC Direct Online Result Checker portal. There are some basic information that is needed to get this done. Note that you can also print out your result once you are able to check it. To be able to check your WAEC result you need.

  • Your Examination Number.
  • Center Number.
  • Year you sit for the Exam.
  • The WAEC scratch card pin and serial number.

If you take a good look at the content on the CIVAMPENS Card very well there are some basic discretion on how to check your WAEC result. But let get started with the steps below.

How To Check Your WAEC Result 2017

The steps involved are quite simple but some people still find it so tasking and don’t even know how to get this done. The result checker PIN and Serial Number are already given to all Candidate’s in the CIVAMPENS Card that was issued by WAEC. Once you have this in place let get started.

  1. Open up your web browser and visit www.waecdirect.org which is the result check portal.
  2. The first information you need to enter is your WAEC Examination Number.
  3. Select the year of the Exam i.e 2017 and exam type.
  4. Enter the card serial number and PIN.

Once you are sure of all the information you have entered click on submit button. Most users have been complaining that they get an error message when they click on the submit icon. You can send an email to this email address waecsupport@fleettechltd.com for support.

How To Check WAEC Result With Mobile Phone

Most people have been asking how can they make use of their mobile phone to check their WAEC result. The question is quite simple if you have either an iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry or Android. This is not a big task at all. You can as well make use of your web browser on your device.

If is preferable if you have access to print out your WAEC result as a document using your mobile phone. Some printer is Bluetooth enable and also can be contacted to your mobile phone using Wi-Fi. It’s better you have it printed out because there are limits to which you can use a particular scratch card.