Using Tinder – Using Tinder to Find Dates

Want to use Tinder but then you do not know what it entails and what it requires? Not to worry, as all your questions on using tinder would be answered here. Using Tinder isn’t much of a big deal. Before you can be allowed to use Tinder, you have to first create a profile which is the sign-up process. That only requires some of your information which includes your location, gender, age, distance, and gender preferences.  Then after creating a profile, you can now start swiping to find someone you like on the Tinder platform.

Using Tinder - Using Tinder to Find Dates

As you might already know, Tinder is a very popular dating site that you must belong to in order to be able to use it. Belonging to Tinder you must be up to the age of 18 as if you are not, your sign up would not go through. However, Using Tinder is actually free but there are three other types of plans you can subscribe for on Tinder. These plans include; plus, gold, and platinum which offers you a range of additional features to help you find that one person you are on the Tinder platform for. But regardless of whether you are a subscriber or not, Tinder is pretty easy to use and the app functions pretty simply.

Using Tinder to Find Dates

We all know that Tinder enables you to swipe then match. But before anything, first, note that swiping on Tinder is not dating. And also matching and chatting are not dating. Therefore, if you are on tinder, and you are chatting, having fun, and matching, know that your dating hasn’t started but rather you are flirting. That is why here I would be enlightening you on how to find dates and start dating on Tinder. Here are steps on how to find dates on Tinder below;

Set up your profile

This helps in making people know a little info about you before coming to your dm. If you want to meet people that are actually interested in dating, it is very important that you take your time to select some really good dating photos and bio. So as to get someone attracted.

Swipe and Match

Swiping and matching are very easy to do on Tinder. All you just have to do is swipe right to find people you are into and left on the people you are not. Then see if they like you back. If you now discover that you have lots of matches on the platform but you can’t respond to all of them. You can just select who you want to start up something with. But if you are not getting a lot of matches, you can just reply to the ones you have if you like them.

Start a Conversation or Send a Message

You can be the first to start a conversation after you have accepted. You can start by saying hi and something more than that. You can also start by asking about the person’s profile or bio to know more about the person. Keep in mind that you should not be too formal and you should also introduce yourself.

Keep the Conversation Going

Once you have gotten a response from someone you have messaged, you should know how to keep that conversation going. You can ask questions about the person. And do not let the conversation die down. Try to bring up fun and interesting topics and more.

Ask for a Date

After chatting for a bit, you can now ask for a date. But this should be if you are interested in the person and you want to meet the person. And you are also sure the person is showing signs of interest. Then you can now ask for a date. You can be like “since we began chatting with each other, I’ve really enjoyed the conversation. Do you want to meet up sometime? If your partner is interested, they would say yes. But if not, they would say no. Then you can say you understand. Appreciate the time and conversation and move to the next person.

Make Plans for the date if your Partner Agrees

it is best to make plans for the date and make that day a special one. Ensure that the plan you are making is something that works with your schedules so that it won’t affect the day fixed for the date. If you are the one that asked, you should also be the one to pick a place. In addition, have ideas and do not ask the other person for too many decisions.

Check up on the person at least once in a While

Once the date has been agreed, you should not ignore your partner. Also, you don’t compulsorily need to text them every day. But at least checking up is very important. However, if you two are really into each other, you can chat with each other till that day.

Show up on your date

This is a very important thing to do. You should not keep your date waiting. And as the one who asked for the date, you should show up earlier than your guest so as to make sure everything is set before he/she gets there. Then you can enjoy your date.

After you have found your date on tinder, you can now make your relationship work if you are looking forward to a long-term relationship.