How can I use PayPal for Apple Pay or does Apple Pay accepts the use of PayPal? Primarily, PayPal serves as the biggest and more respected electronic payment method. Where it’s mostly acceptable to millions of online stores for purchasing items. Millions of businesses and people prefer using the PayPal payment method as a mode of payment. Whereby users can sell and purchase through the use of PayPal. On the other hand, Apple Pay is also a preferable electronic payment system that’s only acceptable to purchase items through the latest iPhones and Apple Watch.

Use PayPal for Apple Pay - How to Add PayPal to Apple Pay | Digital Wallet

Furthermore, the Apple Pay through the use of the iPhone and Apple Watch allows you to purchase items from the App Store, iTunes Store and also on Apple Books. For purchasing of food items or cloth from various online retail stores. You can simply use the chatbot in other to not only purchase items. But also make reservations for hotels, events and lots more.

How Does Using PayPal with Apple Pay Works?

First of all, Apple Pay is a digital wallet, therefore, in other, for it to work. You need to make use of another external payment method to your Apple Pay. In other words, you need to add other forms of payment to your Apply Pay wallet. So as to be able to buy music, movies, apps, books, and other items. The acceptable payment in which you can add to your digital wallet includes your PayPal account, Credit and Debit card. But the addition of adding PayPal account to your digital wallet actually depends on the country in which PayPal and Apple Pay is acceptable.

In addition, the country in which PayPal and Apple Pay is acceptable includes Europe and also in other continents like Latin America. However, if PayPal and Apple Pay are acceptable in your country, then you can use PayPal with the digital. In the next outline, you can learn how to add your PayPal account to your digital wallet.

How to Use PayPal with Apple Pay

In the meantime, the requirement of adding your PayPal account to your digital wallet. Includes using the iOS operating system such as iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and also Mac. Also, you need to provides your Apple ID to access your account.

To use PayPal with Digital Wallet:

  • Open your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac and access your Settings app.
  • Then, you can enter your name and select the settings iTunes & App Store.
  • Enter your Apple ID that includes your email address and password.
  • Next, click Add Payment Method and select PayPal.

In summary, you can then fill out the information required to set up your PayPal account with your digital wallet. Once, you’ve completed the necessary requirement for adding your PayPal account to your Apple digital wallet. Then, you can use PayPal with the digital wallet to purchase items from the Apple Store and another online store.