Unblock Facebook – Unblock Friends on Facebook

Unblock Facebook User that Was Blocked and Connect with Them
Facebook being a social tool helps with connecting people together and others, who work, study and live around them. Privacy is a huge concern to Facebook users, and that has become of great concern to Facebook makers.  Someone bugs you, or does some things that irritate you?  Well, no need to regret ever meeting with the person Facebook has a means of preventing the person from having access to you. Anything that has to do with you, and that is blocking the person on Facebook.

Unblock Facebook : How to Unblock a Facebook User

In some cases, you may have blocked some users in the past and you want to unblock Facebook user that you have blocked. Thereby giving the person access to getting in touch with you again. When you unblock Facebook users. The user will be able to see your posts on Facebook that you share with the public. But the person doesn’t become your friend on Facebook at once. If you want to become friends with a user that you unblocked. You’ll need to now send them a friend request.

When you block a Facebook user, the person is removed from your friend list. If you don’t unblock Facebook user that was blocked you won’t have that user on your friend list. Most users still don’t understand what unblock Facebook users is for. This is just like granting the user access back to see your content. If your Facebook friend blocked you that means that they don’t want to see you on Facebook and don’t want you to be able to see anything about them.

How to unblock Facebook friend that was Blocked

  1. Open the Facebook homepage by visiting www.facebook.com or via the mobile app.
  2. Click Settings & Privacy at the bottom of the page when you scrawl down
  3. Click on the Blocking icon you see on this page
  4. Tap to unblock Facebook user by clicking on the Unblock button next to their name.

The person who was blocked cannot unblock himself, so he or she has to suck it and leave the person alone or find a way to meet the person on another platform, or you can create a new Facebook account and contact the person. So many people had a reason for wanting to reconnect with a friend that blocked them on Facebook, they try to change their Facebook name, change their password, deactivate their account and reactivate it again, but that doesn’t work anymore.