UBA Internet Banking – United Bank for Africa

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The world advances in technology as days go by, which has highly improved the banking sector. People have found it very difficult in going to banks to carry out transactions. That’s why the UBA internet banking idea was brought forward by UBA to meet their respective needs in carrying out bank transactions.

UBA Internet Banking

UBA Internet banking as the name implies was created by United Bank for Africa Plc (UBA). This bank is a worldwide financial organization that deals with different financial transactions. The bank brought out this amazing feature to meet some basic bank transactions. To ensure that UBA bank users are relieved of the stress to go and queue in banks for carrying out transactions.

The UBA Internet banking was brought forward to enable UBA bank customers to perform financial transactions with the use of the internet. For UBA bank users to benefit from this UBA Internet banking feature. They will have to register with UBA bank with the required details to be able to do UBA internet banking.

Users can make use of the UBA internet banking on any device that makes use of the internet. This is one of the very advantages of UBA Internet banking. It enables users to make safe and secure transactions anywhere they are so far they can make use of the internet.

For users to be able to make use of the UBA internet banking. They must make sure that they have an active account on UBA bank. Possess smartphone, tablet or PC that can be able to use the internet. Ensured they have completed the enrollment process.

Features Of UBA Internet Banking

The UBA internet banking has many amazing features which attract users to make use of it. The amazing features of the UBA Internet banking are.

  • UBA internet banking has made it possible for its users to purchase Airtimes for their mobile network lines and others. This is a very easy to do the process by simply making use of a device with internet.
  • Users can carry out money transfer operations with the use of the internet banking from their UBA account. The transfer is from the users UBA bank account to other UBA bank accounts and also from the users UBA bank account to other bank accounts.
  • Users can carry out bill payments such as NEPA bills, cable subscriptions, and many other utilities with the use of the internet banking.
  • Users get to customize their internet banking account. The platform allows users to personalize their account to their taste.
  • Usage of the internet banking is unlimited. There’s no time restriction on when and when not to use it. Users can perform transactions with it at any time in need to do so without the fear of non-availability.
  • This feature makes it possible for users to look for buses and flights to travel. Users can do this with the use of internet banking.
  • The internet banking is very secure. Users should have no fear of occurrence of fraudulent activities. They inform and alert users after any login process.
  • Users decide when to print the receipt of transactions they carry out with the use of internet banking.
  • Users can observe and check the different activities going on in their accounts.


For users to be able to use the UBA internet banking feature they have to make sure they have registered and created an account. Users can carry out the registration process on any UBA bank branch closest to them. Users can also visit UBA bank’s official website to register and create an account for UBA internet banking.

So UBA bank users out there in search of means to which you’re going to banks should be minimal. This is a great way for finding solutions to all those problems. By simply going to any UBA bank branch close to you to activate this feature.