Do you know that with your Facebook account you can eventually create a Tinder account you’ve always wanted? In the article, we will demonstrate the ways how you can sign up for a Tinder account using your Facebook login details. On the contrary, tinder Facebook sign up is a registration procedure that allows people to sign up for the Tinder account using their Facebook login details to connect with a wide range of people. Instead of using the phone, you can simply log in with your Facebook account to create an account.

Tinder Facebook Login - Tinder Facebook (official) Sign Up

In the meantime, Tinder is one of the most prestigious dating sites whereby people can discover a new world of building a relationship or setting up a dating plan. Tinder allows you to meet new people and there are over 20 billion matches to date on the platform. However, there’s an advantage you’ve when you create an account using your Facebook login details or going through the tinder Facebook sign up procedures.

Will Facebook Friends Know You’re Using the Tinder Dating Service?

Most people feel the tendency of using the phone number to create an account instead of using the login with the Facebook option. Because people feel that their Facebook friends will be able to know whether or not they are on the Tinder dating site. Generally, Tinder doesn’t share or link any information you uploaded on your Tinder account to your Facebook includes your profile picture. For that reason, your Facebook friends won’t be able to know that you’re on the Tinder dating site when you register with your Facebook account.

But they might see that you’re using the tinder app which boils down to the extra security measure in other to ensure that you maintain your privacy setting concerning the use of the dating app with your Facebook account.

Advantage Registering with Facebook Account

Just as many will like to use the phone number others prefer signing up with their Facebook account. When you make use of Facebook to create a Tinder account it gives your easy and more convenient way to access your account. All in which it saves time and effort in signing up and logging into your account. As well as creating a profile, for example, you can easily upload photos on Facebook directly to your Tinder account.

Also, you can easily control both your Facebook account and Tinder account with ease whereby you don’t need to re-enter your password again. In summary, tinder Facebook sign up makes it simpler and come with ease to open up the online dating site to connect with people of all ages.

How to Create a Tinder Account with your Facebook Login Details

Note: you can also register for a Tinder account on the web and also on the Tinder app. All you’ve to do, go to the iOS app store or Google play store and type the name on the search bar. After installing the app you can use the following procedures;

  • Visit on your web browser or the Tinder app.
  • Then, in the middle of the homepage, you can click “Sign up”
  • Next, you can click “Log in with Facebook”.

Afterward, If prompted, you can then sign in to your Facebook account. As we already know, Tinder doesn’t display any information or posted to Facebook. Finally, you can then allow the Tinder to access all the required permissions and then you can start swiping.