Temp Mail stands out to be an online mailing service that helps you send and receive emails from other mail providers. However, accessing the Temporary email services is free of charge and it requires you to sign up before you can start sending emails. Failingly so sign up, you won’t be able to access the Mail. However, while you want to be a user of this Temp Mail online, you can create an account through the online version as you can only gain access to your account.

Temp Mail - Disposable Temporary Email | Temp-mail.org

The only way in which you can create an account is if you access the Temp Mail through the mobile app respectively. One thing I have noticed is that this platform is mobile-friendly as it is easily accessible via the mobile app. The account creation process requires all users to have a mobile device in other to get started. You can access your account using a web browser when you are done creating your account on the app.

Mobile App Review

Furthermore, accessing Temp Mail either through the mobile app or through the online version is safe. The aspect in which this Mail is safe is that, when you want to log in, you don’t need to enter you login credentials. All you will need to do is scan a barcode. Without scanning, there won’t be any chance for you to gain access to your Temporary Mail account. Meanwhile, on this Temporary Mail website, you also have the chance to switch to Premium which requires you to pay $10 per month. When you switch to premium, you will get full access to all the Temp Mail features.

Temp Mail Sign Up

However, signing up for the Temporary Email also stand out to be the same as signing up for throwaway email and disposable email address. Also, if you want to sign up for the Temp Mail, you will need to downloaded the Temp Mail app first. Meanwhile, you also get to create more than one account if you like. Meanwhile, some easy steps on how to access the Temp Email Address sign up will be listed below:

  • Tap on the app after it is successfully downloaded on your device
  • When it opens, click on the create account button
  • Then you will be required to enter a temporary email
  • After that, click on the next button

With these up-listed steps, you are not done with the Temp Mail sign-up. But with some easy more steps, you will be done with the Temporary Mail sign-up. However, to finish the remaining steps, make sure you follow the screen steps. In this article, we will also be letting you know some easy steps on how to access the Temp Mail login below.

Temp Mail Login

However, unlike some other email providers that require you to provide your login credentials before you can sign in to your account. Accessing the Temporary Mail login online, you don’t need your login credentials. Just make sure the mobile device where your account is signed in is with you in handy. With that, you will gain access to your Temporary Mail account. Meanwhile, some easy steps on how to access the Temp Email login will be listed below:

  • Firstly, you will need to visit the Temp Email website which domain name is temp-mail.org.
  • Then click on the barcode icon on the homepage.
  • The barcode will then appear in a transparent where you get to scan it with your mobile phone.
  • Scan it and you will log in to your account successfully.

After you log in, then you can now start to send and receive emails from any other email provider. These are the easy steps on how to access the Temp Mail sign-in online. Also, you can log out anytime you like. Just click on the options icon, then select the logout option to sign out of your Temp Mail account. These are the easy steps on how to access your Temporary email account.