Swagbucks App – How to Download the Mobile App

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One of the best and easy-to-use apps that provides its members the opportunity of earning cash is Swagbucks App. Reviews have shown that Swagbucks, is the most popular money-making App on the Google Play store and it has more than a million users from across the world. It is the most perfect way to earn money and cash back while carrying out the little task. Although you can access Swag buck’s services and features via its official website majority of its users uses the Mobile App. This is because the mobile app is convenient and you can gain access to your account on the go.

In addition, you can quickly redeem your Swagbucks rewards for PayPal Cash or gift cards at Amazon, Google Play, Wal-Mart, Uber, Visa and more using the mobile App. You can take surveys and get paid for giving your opinion and make money on the go or at home using the Swagbucks App on your Smartphone. Also, you can discover new products and services at the best deals from new brands while using this application. Besides, the app has a simple and user-friendly interface that enables you easily navigate through their platform. You can access the Swag bucks Sign up page and login page directly from the Mobile app. It is fast, easy, and reliable to make use of; across your android and iOS devices.

Swagbucks App Download

Meanwhile, Swagbucks App can be downloaded on both your Android and iOS devices and is completely free to use and download anytime and any day.  Using App saves you the stress of visiting their official website over and over again just to access their services. You can do virtually everything using the app. The app can either be downloaded from Google Play or the iOS store. But, you can always download Swagbucks from any reliable APK store online. Here are, however, step-by-step guidelines for downloading the app from Google Play and the iOS store.

Download Swagbucks App on Android

  • Open your Google Play Store
  • Click on the search engine and enter Swagbucks
  • Tap on the search bar and results relating to your search will be provided
  • Click on the app from the option provided
  • Hit the INSTALL button and the app will start downloading
  • Once downloaded, Launch and open the app on your Android device

Swag bucks App Download on iOS Devices

  • Go to your App Store
  • Hit the search engine, type Swagbucks App and click on search
  • You will be provided with results related to your search
  • Tap on getting and the app will immediately start downloading
  • Once downloaded, install and open the application

After creating an account with Swag bucks; you can proceed to sign up for a free account or you can log in to your account to get access to their services and features on the go.

How to Sign Up for a Free Account using Swagbucks App

Creating an account with Swag bucks using the mobile app is easy and simple and there are several options for creating an account. You can either sign up for an account using your email address, Google or Facebook Account. Below are steps to create an account;

Sign up with an Email Address

  • Open the  Swagbucks app on your Android or iOS device
  • Tap on JOIN FOR FREE
  • Enter your active email address
  • Create a Strong Password
  • Re-enter the password
  • Then, click on sign up now and follow the prompt

How to Create a Swagbucks Account with Google

  • On the signup page
  • Click on Sign up with Google
  • If you have a multiple Google account
  • Select the account you will like to sign up with
  • Log in to the Google Account selected
  • Follow the on-screen instruction to complete the signup process

Sign up with Facebook

  • On the signup page
  • Tap on sign up with Facebook
  • Login to your Facebook Account
  • Follow the on-screen instruction

The above step and guidelines are ways how to sign up or create an account with Swagbucks using the Mobile App.  If you already have an account; you can check out the next outline for steps to log in to your account without hassle.

Swagbucks Log In

Having an account with Swagbucks means you don’t need to create another account as you can easily log in using your correct credentials. You can log in through Facebook, Google, and email address. To log in with either Facebook or Google account; simply click on it and enter the credential associated with your Swagbucks account. While to login to your email address, you can follow the below step;

  • Open the Swagbucks App on your device
  • Click on the Log in icon
  • Enter the email address associated with your account
  • Also, enter your password
  • Lastly, click on the log-in icon

Should your Swagbucks Login credentials be correct; you will automatically be logged in to your account. To avoid entering your password over and over again, you can tap on Remember me. Now, you can start making money on Swagbucks directly from the app on your smartphone.