Spotify Deals – Spotify Premium Student With Hulu And SHOWTIME

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Are you in search of a place where you can get the best musical deals? Spotify is the best place you can always get the best deals with a discount on the actual amount. Spotify offers you amazing deals to get ad-supported plans on Hulu and Showtime that make you save your money more. Spotify deals come with Hulu and Showtime as it is also available for students. With the Spotify deals, you get 3 free months of Spotify premium and if you are also new to Spotify you can get free 30 days trial of the Spotify premium.

Spotify Deals - Spotify Premium Student With Hulu And SHOWTIME

However, Spotify deals are only for Spotify premium users. They get to enjoy ad-free music and also get to manage their subscription payments. Students can also enjoy these deals and they get 50% off the regular price of the Spotify app. as we all know that Spotify offers you millions of songs from different artists from across the globe online and offline.

You can make and share your own song or discover your new favorite new song.  You need to also know that to active the deals from Spotify, you have to cancel your existing Showtime billing and active the Showtime from your Spotify Services page.

Spotify Student Discount

The Spotify student discount is the discount given to students which is one month free on their Spotify premium to do anything. They get unlimited songs; play their favorite artists & albums. You can get the discount by following the steps listed below;

  • Visit, and tap the get started
  • Sign in to your Spotify account
  • Tap manually verify
  • Fill in the required information and tap on next step
  • Tap choose file
  • Choose your proof of enrollment and tap open
  • To add additional proof tap on choose file or you tap upload document to continue
  • You will be able to complete the sign in process once, your document are verified successfully for the Spotify student discount.

Once you are able to follow all these instructions to the latter, your Spotify student discount will be verified immediately. You can now listen to unlimited songs from your favorite artists all across the globe.

How Do I Get Spotify Free For 3 Months?

You will be able to get Spotify free for three months if you sign up with PayPal. When you sign up with PayPal, you get ad-free music, with a simple way to manage your subscription payments. if you do not have a PayPal yet you can sign up for free.

Spotify Bundle Deals

The Spotify bundle deals are with Hulu and Showtime which is a bigger bargain. So the Spotify bundle is for students where they get a combination of movies, TV, and music as well. With this entire bundle, they get a discount on the actual payment you are to pay. The Spotify deal is also very open to both new and current U.S subscribers including those who took advantage of the previous one.