Currently, Snapchat is one of the most popular social networks around. While it started off as a way to send a quick, self-destructing picture and video messages. Recently, the app is featured with all sorts of storytelling amazing features, and from some of the biggest stars and publications in the business. Therefore, the Snapchat sign up is the only fasted means of joining the trending multimedia messaging app on your mobile phone.

Snapchat Sign Up - How can I Sign up for Snapchat | Snapchat Bitmoji

The navigation is heavenly gesture-based and features can be hard to find if you don’t know where to look. Reports came in that more than 100 million daily active users and 8 billion video views a day. Hence, for you to sign up with Snapchat you need to download the Snapchat mobile app which is available for iOS and Android. However, you can create an account by entering your email, a username, and a password. This will be your personal account, and you can ultimately use it to create a Snapchat business account.

How to Sign Up on Snapchat?

After downloading the Snapchat app, you can go on and launch the app and follow these steps below:

  • On the home screen of the Snapchat app, tap Sign up
  • After tapping the app will take you to the sign-up page, starting with your first and last name.
  • Then you enter this following correct details:
  • Birthday
  • Username and password
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Friends to add.

Also, you can send a friend request after signing up on the screen. As well as you can use that to find friends on Snapchat who are also in your phone’s contact list. You can skip this for now if you wish when creating a username keep in mind that you’ve only got one shot: Snapchat does not allow you to change your username once you set it.

How to Create a Profile Picture using Bitmoji?

Once your account is created, you’ll want to take care of a few housekeeping things. The first is your profile picture- this picture will enable people to recognize you when sending and receiving snaps to and from you. This is steps on how to create your profile picture?

  • Next, tap the icon on the top left of the camera screen.
  • Then tap creates Bitmoji; Bitmoji is a free, separate app that integrates with Snapchat and allows you to create a fun, illustrated avatar of yourself. Immediately, you select any of the options provided on the screen. Then you can have the ability to download the Bitmoji app and personalize your profile picture. After you designed your Bitmoji that resembles and your Snapchat profile is official set.

Hence, after this step, you could adjust your privacy settings. in Snapchat, tap your new Bitmoji icon at the top of the camera screen to visit your profile page. Then tap the gear icon to access your settings in the top-righthand corner. Also, you could add your friends in Snapchat which allows you to see these users’ stories. As well as, alerts these users that you’ve connected with them so that they might add you as a friend in return.