Snapchat Download iPhone – Snapchat App for Facebook | Snapchat App Download

Snapchat Download iPhone – Get Snapchat for iPhone
The snapchat application is available for the IOS and also the Android device. Once you download the application and install the application, you can create your own account by login or sign up in order to own a main account with snapchat and connect with friends that use the snapchat application. You can take s “snap” and send it to one or more of the people in your friend’s list. You can also send messages on snapchat that will automatically disappear once it has been read.

Snapchat Download iPhone - Snapchat App for Facebook | Snapchat App Download

The snapchat is a mobile application and a service social media platform for sharing pictures, videos and messages with other people. This makes the service platform ideal for sharing quick updates with friends without gathering media or messages on your mobile device. Snapchat allows you to send snaps directly to specific friends or share them with all your friends by adding them to your “Story.” Your friends can view the pictures and videos you have added on your story for 24 hours until it will disappear, and you will have to add new once.

Advantages of Snapchat and Disadvantages of Snapchat

Snapchat is actually derived in two separate words which is Snap and Chat. It is a snap-messaging and a mobile application that allows you to share pictures and videos. Well, over 150 million snapchat users use the mobile application to snap with colleagues, share stories with friends and view events around the globe. Let’s talk about both the advantages of Snapchat and, of course, the disadvantages of Snapchat.


  • Snapchat is considered as one of the best mobile camera applications.
  • It’s great for visually promoting your brand or products. With the use of filters and text, your posts can be powerful in creating your brand and take attention across social media.
  • The idea of having your shared photos and videos deleted after a short time is appealing to users which is unique from other applications.
  • Snapchat takes a large volume of users which can be a good platform to market your products.
  • Snapchat lets you know who took a screenshot of what you shared that might be a potential customer.


  • Snapchat cannot let you comment or like photos or videos, unlike other social media like Facebook and Instagram.
  • Snapchat is only an iPhone and Android app. If you have a Windows mobile, Blackberry, or Linux it won’t work.
  • Snapchat is far too costly for small and medium-sized businesses. This means, there is a huge market that Snapchat cannot touch which is available to Facebook and Twitter.

These are the few things we have talked about the advantages of snapchat and disadvantages of snapchat. The little time which is allowed and required to view your Snapchat message or timeline also prevent anyone from sharing it with others.

How to Download Snapchat Download iPhone

To download the snapchat on your iPhone is very easy; I will kindly show you few steps on how you can download the snapchat on your mobile iPhone.

  • Open your App store.
  • Tap the search bar and search for snapchat.
  • Click GET to the right corner of the snapchat.
  • Tap install.
  • Type in your Apple ID password.
  • Tap Ok. Once it is installed. Open the application and log in or sign up.

Once you have set it up, the snapchat will access your camera and present you to a live feed to view the home screen, then you can begin the fun.