Skype Call Recorder – How to Record Skype Calls | Skype Recorder

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Can I record my Skype video call and how can I record my Skype calls? Learn how to record skype calls. In a normal cellphone call, there is an option that allows you to record your conversation with people. Likewise, this also applies to other online telecommunication applications that Skype, Slack, Asana, Zoom, and others. Currently, Skype appears to be one of the reputable and most used telecommunication apps integrated with video chat and voice calls to communication between computers, mobile devices, and tablets. Apparently, there is an option that allows you to record your voice call knows as the skype call recorder.

Skype Call Recorder - How to Record Skype Calls | Skype Recorder

On the contrary, the Skype call recorder is a new feature added to the Skype call which allows you to keep a record of your conversation with friends and also allows you to share important moments with people that’s important to you. The introduction of the Skype recorder for video and voice calls allow you to keep every single conversation you have on the mobile phone, computer, and tablet. For instance, with the free video call recorder for Skype, you can record skype meetings and lots more.

How to Record Skype Call for Free

On the contrary, if you’re wondering how skype call recording works is very simple. Skype gives you the ability to record your video call or voice call directly from the app. The skype call recorder is an enhanced cloud-based, therefore, you don’t’ need to stress yourself on storage or device performance.

To Record a Call in Skype:

  • While you’re on a call on Skype.
  • Simply, click the three dots for more options.
  • Next, select the option you want to record with either on desktop or mobile.
  • For desktop, click Start recording and for mobile, tap click the black icon “Start recording”.

A message will pop-up during the call letting people within the conversation know that you’ve started a recording. Once you’ve completed your conversation, the recording will be posted to your chatbox and you can access it for just 30 days.

How to Save your Skype Call Recording

After you have completed the recording it’s important you save your recordings so as not to lose them. This will give you the ability to access them whenever you need them. There are two-stage you need to go through before you can save a Skype call recording.

Step: 1

  • For desktop click More option.
  • For mobile, tap and hold on to the call recording.

Step: 2

  • for desktop, click Save to “Downloads’ to directly save the recordings to your desktop downloads folder.
  • For mobile, click Save and it automatically download and save to your file manager.

In summary, in case you want to share a skype call recording with friends or someone you know, you can click More options or tap and hold on the call recording. Afterward, you can click Forward to share your recording with your contacts or to another chat. Besides this, there are free video call recorder for skype in which you can try out and that includes an Mp3 skype recorder, Amolto call recorder, Evaer skype recorder, Talkhelper, iFree skype recorder, and more.