Shopify Facebook Store – Shopify for Beginners | Shopify Store

Shopify Facebook store is a social media platform where many people patronize, socialize and communicate with family and friends. Well, this is quite unfortunate that many people still don’t know that the Facebook platform has a Shopify store. The Facebook platform is actually the best way to push your sales to the level you want and it is so easy and free to perform on. The Facebook Shopify store is really the best platform to sell directly to all users even as much as millions of clients and all potential customers.

Shopify Facebook Store - Shopify for Beginners | Shopify Store

Facebook Shopify store is one of the biggest decisions you will take as an online seller is to choose a platform for selling your products. You can display your Shopify products on your Facebook page by using the Facebook sales channel. When you set up the Facebook sales channel, Facebook creates a shop section on your Facebook page that displays your Shopify products. You can make changes to products, review sales, and fulfill orders in Shopify.

How does the Shopify Facebook Store Work

The Facebook Shopify store has different aspect and features that let all users to customize their own store to suit them. This feature is actually called the custom feature. This aspect helps you find and add other social media platforms or sites to shop on like the Facebook platform. If there is any probability you successfully migrate to your Shopify store to your social media account. All your Facebook family, friends, and customers can actually see your Shopify products on the Facebook platform and they can also buy or purchase your goods directly on Facebook.

How to Link your Shopify store to your Facebook Account

In other, for your Shopify platform product to feature on your Facebook page. Therefore, you will actually need to link both platforms together. Well, this is always an easy task to take, to link the platform together in other to do so; you will have to follow these steps below:

  • On your Shopify admin page click on the + symbol next to sales channels.
  • Click on the “learn more” tab next to the Facebook channel.
  • On the next page kindly click on add channel.
  • On the next page kindly click on Facebook.
  • Next, kindly click on “get started”.
  • Lastly, click on connect account.

Hence, these are all the necessary details and process on how you need to do. In other to, link both platforms together to make a better way.