Shipt Shopper App – How Does Shipt Shopper Work

What is shipt shopper app all about? If you haven’t heard about shipt shopper then you are certainly missing out on the great opportunity to look out for friendly and reliable shoppers to make money. The shipt shopper app allows members to get the things they need from the stores they trust.

Shipt Shopper App - How Does Shipt Shopper Work

Shipt Shopper App

However, you can apply at to become a shopper and earn up to $22 per hour or even more. Now is the chance for you to set your own schedule shop and deliver from local stores and you can also join a group of shipt shoppers if you are looking for a flexible gig job and you want to make money on your own schedule.

Now your schedule is based on when you want to shop and deliver. So you can decide to work as you earn as little or as much. Depending on your decision you can also shop part-time or full-time. However, you can choose to increase the number of orders you are offered all you have to do is shop and deliver during your convenient time and strive to do a good delivery.

Shipt shopper has an app that can be downloaded on your device. If you are an Android user you can download the app through play store. For iPhone users, the app can be downloaded on the Apple store.

Is Using Shipt Free?

Ordering your groceries online has never been easy. Now you can cut down on time spent at the store and money spent on over-buying. If you have looked into grocery delivery services then you might have come across shipt shopper app. Shipt shopper is not entirely free because before you can place an order you have to pay for an annual membership or purchase shipt passes. The annual membership costs $99 per year which is approximately $8.25 per month.

How Does Shipt Shopper Work?

Getting groceries delivered to your doorstep is the best experience ever. With shipt shopper you can begin to have such experience because going to groceries stores to cue isn’t a good experience. Shipt works by sending your grocery list to a personal shopper who will pick up your items and deliver them straight to your doorstep.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Shipt App Shopper

Shipt shopper login is a good platform that helps you save time shopping for groceries and other household items but it still has some disadvantages attached to it. So let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages.

  • One advantage of shipt shopper is that it is convenient and it also helps you save time and money while shopping for household items.
  • It is a same-day delivery: Your groceries will be delivered to you in less than an hour after you place your order. The delivery time is so fast and before you know your item will be delivered to you.
  • As a shopper you can shop from a big selection of store you are free to choose from a variety of stores if you wish.


  • Membership fee and shipt passes is always an issue with shipt shopper login. Before you can place any order you will need to pay for annual membership.
  • Shipt shopper online prices are usually more expensive than in-store price

Now that you know the advantage and disadvantages of shipt shopper you can place your order now and have it delivered directly to you.

How to Place Order on Shipt app

It is very easy to place an order on the app or on the website whichever is preferable. But before you do that make sure you have signed in Now follow these steps to place your first order.

  • Download the app or sign up on the website: first you will need to download the shipt app in your device or create an account online.
  • Enter your location and choose your store: Once you are signed in on the website or app just enter the address where you want your items to be delivered. From there you will be given a list of stores in collaboration with shipt.
  • Fill your shopping cart: Now you are ready to start shopping you can browse by category on what’s on sale or search the whole site for what you want. Once your order is paced the site will tell you to consider adding to your order from a selection of previously ordered items.
  • Choose a membership plan: if you are just placing an order for the first time you will need to choose and pay for a membership plan or a shipt pass before you are able to check out.
  • Select your delivery time and substitution preferences: Once you have chosen a member plan you are automatically ready to place your order. So on the checkout screens just enter your phone number, verify your delivery address and choose your payment method.

Finally, you have to be available to receive your order you can also make changes to your order right until your shopper begins working on your list.