Shiloh 2019 Theme – Shiloh For Theme 2019

Shiloh 2019 theme: If you’re a regular member of the Living Faith Church which is commonly referred to as Winner Chapel international. Then you must be aware of the annual convocation in the month of December. Winner Chapel is one of the biggest churches in Nigeria and most especially in Africa. Also, the church goes beyond just an ordinary church as widespread across various countries internationally. The Shiloh 2019 theme for the 21st edition of the program is going to be powerful and the atmosphere will be filled with the presence of the Lord.

Shiloh 2019 Theme - Shiloh For Theme 2019 | Breaking Limits

On the contrary, one of the founders of the Living Faith Church Worldwide goes by the name Bishop David Oyedepo and is organized in over 65 countries worldwide. The annual convocation program which known as Shiloh falls every year in the month of December. Shiloh is actually a global event and from our current research. The church made it clear that the event was drawn out from the bible where God told the children of Israel to gather together at Shiloh. In other to set up a tabernacle of the congregation there. This is why Winner Chapel International hosts the Shiloh for the children of God. Also, those who need Christ in their lives to meet at Shiloh and feel the presence of God.

What’s the Theme for the Shiloh 2019?

Just like I mention, the theme for this year Shiloh is going to be amazing and spectacular. The Shiloh theme for 2019 is Breaking Limit. Time to break every limitation concerning your live and other areas in your life. Join the December program to fight every limitation of your marriage, finance, and receive breakthrough. However, the date for the Shiloh Theme: Breaking Limits is actually on December 3rd to 8th,2019. The event will be holding in Canaanland which most of us are aware of. plus, you can register now through the online process if you’re attending the program. Visit the link to access the registration link.

How to Get the Shiloh Prayer Guideline?

During that event, there is a prayer guideline in which you can actually pray before that day and during that day. In other to access the Shiloh prayer guide. Visit the link scroll down and click on the option Click here. Furthermore, the downloading process will start, and you can view the prayer point. You can actually pray to receive an unlimited encounter for God to break every limitation in your life.