Set New Facebook Account – Create a Facebook Account
Are you finding it difficult to set up a new Facebook account? Recently some people have currently had issues of creating a new Facebook account probably due to the fact that Facebook doesn’t accept multiple accounts. But right here on this article, we will demonstrate the easiest and secure way to set new Facebook account without any complication. On the contrary, users are entitled to set new account probably due to some reason. Maybe lost of login credential, blocked or disable an account or hacked account which can lead to set new Facebook account.

Set New Facebook Account - How do I Create a Facebook Account

Moreover, people set up or create a account so as to connect with friends, family, share photos, and post updates about the latest happenings around the world. Actually, setting up a new account simply goes against the rule of the Facebook community standard to have more than one personal account. Except it a different profile account, you’re setting up or use to the reason above. You can simply set new Facebook account to recover all you lost contact with friend and family.

How to Create a Secondary Facebook Account

Yes! This actually means you’re creating a secondary account and if you have lost your credential or sometimes happen and you weren’t able to access your account anymore. You can use the same setup a phone number or email address to still create an account and you can then add people from your account. Here is to set new Facebook account:

  • Go to on the web browser
  • Locate the registration form at the right side of the page
  • Then fill out the requirement which includes the following:
  • First name and Surname or last name
  • Email or mobile phone number,
  • Create a new password,
  • Date of birth and gender.

Next thing that will be requires of you in other to complete the set up is to verify the email address or phone number your provided. A set of number will be sent to your contact your provided, therefore you need to enter the code on the dash box. Once you enter the correct code then you can set up your profile account.

Set New Facebook Account – Additional Setup of your Facebook Profile Account

After you have completed creating you Facebook, account the next step you need to take is to complete the set up of your Facebook profile account. There, you can add your profile image, cover image, add your city or location relationship statue, and add few friends. Hence, other requirement you see or that are needed you can fill that up to completely set your new Facebook account.