Sable One Credit Card – Benefits And How to Apply

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Unarguably, the Sable One credit card is one of the best-secured credit cards available to all rebuilders. If you are new to building credit and you find it difficult, the Sable One credit card is the best option for you. Lately, people do ask questions online like how do I apply for the Sable One Credit Card? If you wanna know then I recommend you read this blog contents.

Sable One Credit Card - Benefits And How to Apply
Sable One Credit Card – Benefits And How to Apply

The Sable One credit card is a credit card that is specifically made for consumers who are facing challenges with their credit. It is a secured credit card that offers premium benefits and cashback rewards. Two amazing features are not often found in this type of credit card.  

The Sable One credit card is a perfect choice for people who want to rebuild credit and quickly graduate to an unsecured credit card. Furthermore, it offers amazing features that enable users to get cashback rewards on every purchase from a variety of retailers.

These retailers include Amazon, Hulu, Whole Foods, Spotify, Netflix, Uber, and Uber Eats. The Sable One Mastercard is a secured card that can help you build a good credit history in the United States without any hidden fees or credit checks.

One of the best parts of this Stable One secured card and its card products is that they are designed for United States residents and not just U.S. citizens. Applying for a Sable One Mastercard or account does not require a social security number.

Sable One Credit Card Benefits

Just like I mentioned above, the Sable One Mastercard provides lots of amazing benefits. Among these advantages are:

  • Car rental insurance: Pay your car rental bills with the Sable One Mastercard to receive free coverage for physical damage and theft.
  • Phone insurance: You are covered against damage, including cracked screens and loss, when you make use of this credit card to buy your phone and pay the monthly bills.
  • New purchase insurance: Most products purchased with the Sable One credit card are covered for damage and theft within 90 days of the purchase.
  • Price protection: You will be reimbursed the difference if you find a very low price within 90 days on the same product bought with the Sable One Mastercard.
  • Satisfaction guarantee: You will be covered for 60 days if you become dissatisfied with a new purchase.
  • Extended Warranty: Sable will multiply the original manufacturer’s or store’s warranty on eligible products.
  • Travel assistance: You will be assisted in arranging emergency roadside assistance.
  • Zero liability: You are not held liable for unauthorized spending on your credit card.
  • No annual fee.
  • Mobile wallet compatibility with Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

To Sable One’s credit card, this is a long list of benefits for any credit card made for consumers with poor credit and even more for a credit card. Apply for the card to enjoy all of these benefits.

Application Requirements for a Sable One Mastercard

To apply for a Sable One secured card, there are some requirements you need to meet. However, just like I have stated above, the Sable One Mastercard is available for United States residents only.

In other words, if you are living in the U.S. legally, you can apply for this credit card. The Sable One Mastercard also does not require an SSN (social security number). If you are a non-citizen, below are the documents you need:

  • Valid passport
  • United States visa or Non-Tourist I94 form
  • Current United States address

However, if you have a social security number, there is no reason you cannot apply for the Sable One Mastercard. It is a good feature that most companies accept applicants from outside the U.S. And it offers an amazing route to building a positive credit card history for international students or recent immigrants.

How to Apply For Sable One Credit Card

The Sable One credit card is just like any other secured credit card that requires a cash deposit to open. The deposit stands as collateral for the credit limit and credit line. Unlike the other secured cards, Sable does not require a minimum deposit and has a high-end maximum deposit of $10,000. 

This means that the applicants have good flexibility in building credit with a credit limit that works just for their purpose. To apply for a Sable One Mastercard, you will need an existing Sable bank account. The account is accessed via the Sable mobile app, which is available on the App Store and Google Play.

Once you become a member, you can simply go to the Sable one card on the card screen of the mobile app and tap on “Increase limit”. Once the funds are added, the credit lines are now secured. Cardholders can continue to add funds later after going through the Sable One Mastercard login later to raise their credit limit if they want.